RedBox Instant update adds Chromecast


Check another video-centric app off of the “this app needs Chromecast support nao!” list. RedBox has updated their Android app to add that very functionality, giving you access to the service’s instant streaming videos on your big TV without more than the $35 media streaming dongle and a capable WiFi connection.

RedBox instant might not have the vast library of Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, but if you subscribe for other reasons — such as those handy RedBox credits that can be used for kiosk rentals every month — then it might be worth the scratch. Go ahead and grab the laest update from Google Play right now.

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  • Philly Jim

    Yesssss, I’ve been waiting and hoping for this for some time, just another step towards cutting the cord from Cable…………

  • JRomeo

    If only Redbox Instant allowed you to view the same movies you can view from renting a DVD at the physical Redbox location………. Then Redbox Instant would be worth the cost.

    • spicymeatball

      I’ve stayed away from RedBox for that reason. If you could make money at .99 per movie then someone would be doing it or at least at 1.99.

  • JRomeo

    This article mentions, “RedBox instant might not have the vast library of Netflix or Amazon Instant Video”….. add to that RedBox Instant also does not have the library of movie titles found in their very own physical RedBox movie rental locations. This is a major disappointment.

  • a)

    Classic tale of “screw the dog and sell the pups”