LG G Watch said to be coming this June for €199


LG G Watch Black and Gold

Wondering when you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the first Android Wear smartwatches? We might have gotten our answer today, with French publication Les Numeriques reporting that LG has set a launch window of June. We even have an early price tag to ponder on: €199, if they’re to be believed.

We don’t know a ton about LG’s G Watch just yet, but newly released photos revealed a watch that doesn’t look bad at all. It might not have quite the same level of fashionista charm as the Moto 360, but LG could have done a lot worse for sure.

Its European price tag presumably only applies to France right now, though we’d be surprised if it was any different for other countries in the region. We also wouldn’t expect it to cost much more than $200 here in the United States, though pricing across different regions is always subject to be different than what you’d normally expect.

Either way, it sounds like LG’s looking to price this thing to be affordable enough to capture our interest, yet premium enough that folks won’t think it’s not worth checking out when they see it sitting on store shelves. Let’s hope we hear more before the summer months tick by.

[via Unwired View]

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  1. Too expensive. i expected around $200.

    Or is the the price specifically for Europe? I hope the US price is different.

    1. When things cost 200 there don’t convert it. It will likely be $200 here.

      1. exactly, in Europe will be 200 € WITH VAT

    2. “We also wouldn’t expect it to cost much more than $200 here in the United States…”

  2. need specs

  3. Kinda ugly

  4. LG is too slow on their updates. They. get the code early being in the Nexus program. They are either incompetent or don’t think updates are important.

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