OnePlus One to come with 3GB of RAM, exact processor detailed

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OnePlus dropped a bit more info about their upcoming smartphone, the OnePlus One. For starters, they have formally confirmed the Snapdragon 801 chipset inside. We knew they were planning to bring upgrade to the Snapdragon 801 before, but now we know which exact model. It’s theĀ 8974AC clocked at 2.5GHz, which is Qualcomm’s most powerful piece of silicon available in a smartphone right now.

We’ve also finally gotten confirmation on how much RAM they’ll be stuffing inside. We had suspicions they’d be going with 3GB thanks to their whole #NeverSettle mantra, but now it’s finally confirmed. While some might consider 3GB of RAM overkill for a mobile device, it’s nice to have that extra bit of wiggle room.

OnePlus also confirmed they’re still on for a full April 23rd unveiling, noting that the latest changes to the processor have not impacted their schedule. There’s no telling if the changes pushed back whatever internal release date they had in mind, but there’s no foul for harm if they never announced it.

And all of this is still expected to come in at under $400, folks. We’ve just two more weeks to go before we see this thing taken out of the shadows and into the light for everyone to see. Circle those calendars and try not to let your excitement get the best of you until they finally give us a look at the real deal in the flesh. In the meantime, this unboxing video might keep you entertained (or might tick you off, depending on how you view it) ahead of the big day.

[via OnePlus forums]

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  • frhow

    OnePlus One, why is my money still in my pocket? Please relieve me of this burden. Take my money now dammit!!!….

  • scoter man1

    Wow, what an excellent price. I wonder if the build quality will be as good as the hardware.

  • Jay

    Honestly, the one + one might be doing more harm than good with all these leaks left & right.

    I know one thing, if it doesn’t live up to all the hype, they’re going to get flamed relentlessly. They better back it up.

    • David Narada Brown

      what damage do u think this is causing? im just curious!

      • Jay

        Setting the bar this high with all these titillating tidbits of info will leave some customers very sour if it doesn’t live up to expectations.

        …. and most things in life never really do.

        • BronzeLincolns

          let’em be sour. can’t please everyone.

        • David Narada Brown

          whats the last phone thats lived up to expectations? this is never accomplished by any manufacturer. I think what theyre doing is more along the lines of advertisement, plus with this hardware and cyanogen track record with software, not sure even the die hard techs will have much to complain about with this phone. to me it looks like theyre putting a lot of effort in the right places and not overloading the phone with useless features. cant please everyone but i think this will b an amazing phone.

          • Jay

            I really hope so.

    • Derek Ross

      So you’d rather someone else leak all of their information? Ever phone has leaked specs and blurry cam pics. OnePlus One is doing the “leaks” themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that. If it’s going to leak anyways, why not do it yoruself and have control over it.

      • Jay

        Yes, but what other phone that you know of had so much hype surrounding it? And a unknown entity at that. At least with the other major players, we have somewhat of a general concept to go by based on their previous devices. Just based off of all the leaks we’ve heard of the One plus one, you would think it had been dubbed the King James of Phones. Remember, they’re the ones saying this is “the” phone to get …. Never settle.

        • Cesar B

          Before the Nexus 5 came out it was the hyped phone. There were leaks, renders and articles left and right. I love my Nexus 5 but damn this phone looks amazing. It’s like a pumped up Nexus phone with a proper battery.

    • Matt Isaacs

      With them leaking the info, we wont be disappointed since we know exactly what hardware is being used. I am very interested to see this one, maybe more than I was for N5

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      If at first you get flamed for doing what people ask, freeze them with liquid nitrogen or in carbonite. Let’s see how much they’ll hate on you when they’re frozen.

    • Ae Tee

      well, if they fail to live up to expectation, then its squarely OnePlus’ s fault then.

      as for hype generated from leaks. i dun think it’s a lot of hype compared to what we see when it comes to HTC M8 or even the S5 (a few months back anyway).

  • KiwiBri

    They’re really pushing the camera on this phone. Their website has a conpetition right now, and it looks like theyv want to make the camera a main focus (excuse pun )of the device

  • Micha Ols

    I am so happy with my Nexus 5, but the One+One keeps me excited.

    • CerealFTW

      I just want to try that new cyanogenmod custom OS theme over stock on my n5, it looks sexy af

  • Itchy_Robot

    Does it have 4G antennas? If so, for which US carriers?

    • BronzeLincolns

      it will have LTE. GSM only

      it’ll work on ATT and Tmo.

  • h4rr4r

    Now tell me when it ships.

  • ineptone

    Even as a happy N5 user this phone has my attention.

  • Joshhud

    This sounds like the phone to rule all phones.. i might buy one even though it wont work on my carrier lol

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      One phone to rule them all, one phone to find them, one phone to bring them all and in the user-bliss envelope them.

  • steveb944

    I’m officially on the hype train. This is my next device it seems. G bye N5.

  • missinglink69

    As a N5 user I am very interested in this phone. I would like to replace my note2 with a Good flagship phone.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    The question I have is can I get LTE from ATT, if not that’s the deal breaker.