Apr 9th, 2014

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OnePlus dropped a bit more info about their upcoming smartphone, the OnePlus One. For starters, they have formally confirmed the Snapdragon 801 chipset inside. We knew they were planning to bring upgrade to the Snapdragon 801 before, but now we know which exact model. It’s the 8974AC clocked at 2.5GHz, which is Qualcomm’s most powerful piece of silicon available in a smartphone right now.

We’ve also finally gotten confirmation on how much RAM they’ll be stuffing inside. We had suspicions they’d be going with 3GB thanks to their whole #NeverSettle mantra, but now it’s finally confirmed. While some might consider 3GB of RAM overkill for a mobile device, it’s nice to have that extra bit of wiggle room.

OnePlus also confirmed they’re still on for a full April 23rd unveiling, noting that the latest changes to the processor have not impacted their schedule. There’s no telling if the changes pushed back whatever internal release date they had in mind, but there’s no foul for harm if they never announced it.

And all of this is still expected to come in at under $400, folks. We’ve just two more weeks to go before we see this thing taken out of the shadows and into the light for everyone to see. Circle those calendars and try not to let your excitement get the best of you until they finally give us a look at the real deal in the flesh. In the meantime, this unboxing video might keep you entertained (or might tick you off, depending on how you view it) ahead of the big day.

[via OnePlus forums]

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