OnePlus One “unboxing” featuring CyanogenMod’s Steve Kondik hits YouTube


I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April Fools day anymore. We’ve been drooling at the opportunity to get a look at the OnePlus One, and we almost thought we had it… until we didn’t. The jokesters and teasers over at OnePlus and CyanogenMod have posted an unboxing video on YouTube.

Cleverly enough, this was technically an unboxing, except they didn’t dare show the phone itself. We get a nice look at the slick red and white packaging, as well as some required reading and literature that comes with the device. The device itself? Why, of course they weren’t going to show it! That’d ruin all the fun that’s going to be had on April 23rd, now wouldn’t it?

Thankfully we already know a ton about the device, which is going to be a device that costs less than $400 (less than 350 Euro in Europe) with a 13 megapixel camera, Snapdragon 801 processor, 5.5-inch 1080p display and more. On the software side is a custom fork of CyanogenMod with a unique lock screen and always-listening voice commands.

Sure, the majority of the world may be getting all googley-eyed over HTC and Samsung’s latest wares, but OnePlus is promising to bring a device that deserves just as much attention. Be sure to circle back when the goods are given to us later this month.

[via Google+]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    1. Is the packaging on this thing for real? Welcome to 1985!

      1. I thought it looked nice

        1. There’s no way a 5 inch phone needs to have enough packaging to box up a small child. The last little box he pulled out was about the size of normal phone packaging now. Incredibly excessive and wasteful imo

          1. rofl this guy said a small child. where have you seen children tiny enough to fit in there? maybe a new born baby, but you said small child.
            anyway, maybe the packaging isn’t final. regardless, i’m fairly certain that most are gonna do with this packaging what they do with other handsets’ packaging… toss it in the trash. it all becomes wasteful then, right?

          2. I actually keep all my boxes. That being said most people don’t and that’s kind of the point. Put it in a tiny box and the waste is minimal. I’ve seen tvs with less waste then this tiny phone.

          3. Y’all ain’t ready for that Nexus 1 box, though.

          4. ….pretty sure he didn’t literally believe you could put a small child in there.

          5. i’m aware. i just thought it was hilarious XD

          6. Have you seen oppo packaging? The are just like this, and this company is from people who used to work at oppo…

        2. I laughed to hard at this. I have no idea why.

      2. Send it in a paper bag for all I care. I want the phone to look good though.

    2. and the latest and greatest 801 SoC variant.

      1. At least specs wise, this thing appears to be a beast. I like CM so lets just hope that quality control is focused on during production because otherwise this will blow just about everything out of the water especially when you consider the off contract pricing.

      2. Latest and greatest? Where have you been? The Snapdragon 810 is coming out. This phone is outdated before it was even finished. =.P

        1. i’m in 2014 where the 810 isn’t going to be commercially available until next year. the 805 isn’t even available commercially yet.

          plus i was specifically referring to the variant of the 801 SoC.

          1. LoL!! It’s cool. I still think the 800 is good enough.

          2. i was satisfied with the 800 as well. but at least the spec geeks are happy now.

        2. Not really. Qualcomm just announced their device line-up. The Snapdragon 805 Developer’s Tablet is already out and available to purchase for a premium price of $799, so I suppose it will still come out outdated, but the Snapdragon 810 is a long ways into the future. It will still vie for the best of current devices at a really low price point.

  1. I suppose shortly there will be a bunch of video showing this phone shot by gun, ran over by a truck and washed in a washing machine. Sorry for the spoiler. When this phone will be shot, it will be shattered by the bullet.

  2. Thanks for ruining my morning Quentyn. No presents under the tree for you this year.

  3. Steve posted this two days ago on Google+. I was all amazed and then all disappointed. Sneaky bastard! ;)

  4. so I’m in my office..I called all the office geeks over to my desk to see this video….noooooooo!!!!! *facepalm*

  5. What’s the hype behind this phone about? I honestly don’t know.

    1. There is none. The general public has no idea and will never have any idea this phone is coming out. No provider will support it because they are in bed with Apple/Samsung/HTC.

      1. So this phone is like an Oppo Find? Will this thing even have LTE?

        1. From what we know, it will be similar to the find, in a smaller package (based on it being smaller than the Z1) with a smaller price, and it will have LTE, no 2k display, while also fitting at least a 3100mah battery. That is where the hype is. Crazy good specs at a reasonable price. For U.S. buyers, it is said to be less than $400.

          1. RIP Nexus 5’s market share lol?

          2. Yes, because the Nexus 6 is coming in September.

      2. or… it’s more likely Apple Samsung and HTC happen to be some of the most popular manufacturers so they follow the money. Why would all the top carriers invest in the purchases of millions of units from a start up that may or may not sell because as you said, the general public has no idea about this phone.

        1. Carriers only pay for what they sell though, most people never heard of Huawei, ZTE, etc but their phones flood the stores as midrange phones? Im sure they just dont want to end up in bed with these carriers is their reasoning. Word of mouth.

          1. didnt verizon apparently owe apple mad $$ because it had so many purchase orders but didnt sell nearly as many units as it ordered?

            Also, doesnt Verizon and ATT pay manufacturers extra $$ in order to get exclusives? Like the day one launch of the HTC one for verizon stores, or like the launch of moto maker on ATT.

            I know sometimes companies subsidize price cuts and take some of the costs from unsold inventory but i highly doubt they just go “oh well we didnt sell these, no hair off our backs we’ll just send em back to samsung and htc and get all of our money back.”

      3. retailers buy their shelf stock from the company that makes the phone. anything they don’t sell, they eat. if they have to eat too much, they won’t reup with that company.

      4. It will probably get a bit over seas.

      5. Fortunately for One plus, you don’t need a carrier to support it. In the US, AT&T and T-mobile both have frequencies the phone supports, so if you throw in a sim card from those two companies you’ll have perfectly good service.

    2. the hype is about a phone that it will be superior to the leading brand devices at half the price of the leading brand devices.

      the first half of their marketing strategy is complete with their sub $400 price point. the second half remains to be seen but spec wise they are well on their way to accomplishing their goal with the bump to an 801AC SoC, 3GB RAM, and 64GB on board storage option.

    3. The only phones I know with comparable specifications (Snapdragon 800/801 & 3 GB RAM) are the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G Pro 2, and Xperia Z2, though there may be more. The Note 3 and G Pro 2 both come with the original S800 while the Z2 comes with the newer AB model, higher clocks all around. The OnePlus One will ship with the AC model chip which not only bumps up clock speeds, but also upgrades the EMMC interface. Really, the higher clock speeds present in the 801 AB/AC chips are not really that amazing as custom kernels accomplish the same job and the clock bumps are not exactly the difference between night and day, but the EMMC upgrade could be an advantage. Another thing to note, though, is that the AB/AC chips have higher clocked ISP/Memory which are not normally clocked higher by custom kernels.

      Considering that this vies for the best and is the only phone with both the AC chip and 3GB of RAM, I don’t understand why you can’t understand the hype. Not only is it the “fastest”, but it also will sell for far cheaper than the other top phones and support T-Mobile and AT&T at the least.

      1. Specs don’t necessarily make a better phone.

        1. That’s why I made sure to specify that there are few differences between the Snapdragon 800 and new 801 chips apart from the bumps in clock speeds, if that is what you mean. The speed bump is substantial but not miraculous, and custom kernels can accomplish most of the “improvements” in the 801.

          I would say that “specifications do not necessarily make a better phone” is too cliche. I understand that there can be bottlenecks like poor I/O that can harm performance, and I also know ROMs may not always be optimally efficient on some phones, at least on stock, though AOSP support alleviates that issue. In this case, I see no reason to believe that there would be any bottlenecks or ROM inefficiencies. The OnePlus One comes from Oppo, a proven company, and will be running CyanogenMod out of the box. Cyanogen will make sure the device is running at 100% as this phone brings it a lot of attention.

          There are few other comparable devices, and this one is far cheaper than any of its equivalents which makes it seem like an incredible device right now.

  6. was that supposed to be funny?

  7. And I couldn’t care less if it doesn’t have expandable storage.

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