Apr 9th, 2014

gear 2 teardown

It’s always interesting to see teardowns of a new device. They give us an idea of how well they’re built, and how easily repaired they are should you be clumsy enough to eventually break them. The upcoming Samsung Gear 2 was put through that particular rodeo by the guys at iFixIt ahead of its launch this Friday.

The inner-workings of the device show Samsung’s mastery in being able to tightly and neatly pack all these components into bite-sized form. They did so in a way that makes the device easy to repair, with easily removable wrist straps, a pain-free battery and modular components awarding the device an 8 out of 10 for repairability (with a 10 being easiest to repair).

It didn’t come without one pitfall, though, as the glue-bound display sticks to the chassis like stink on a warthog (sorry Pumba!). While that won’t make a repair impossible, it could make it difficult and expensive.

We’d hope you’d secure this thing to your wrist well enough that it won’t ever fall off so you won’t ever need to perform a repair yourself. Otherwise, it seems like you’ll be able to keep the Gear 2 ticking well beyond its original manufacturer’s warranty. Be sure to pre-order one from Amazon’s site if you’re interested.

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