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We have a feeling this may not sit too well with many of you. In a controversial new move, Facebook will soon be requiring its users to download and install their dedicated Facebook Messenger app if they’d like to continue viewing or send messages with Facebook.

A Facebook spokesperson was able to confirm the upcoming changes to The Verge, where the social networking giant has already begun notifying users in Europe of the upcoming change. There’s no question Facebook Messenger offers a much more robust experience than messaging with the standard Facebook app. Recently, Facebook updated Messenger with the ability to make actual voice calls to other Facebook users over a data connection.

Facebook Messenger UI update

Before you freak out, we should mention that there are a few exceptions to the new mandate. Those who own low-end Android devices with limited memory will be able to continue using the regular Facebook app to message loved ones as normal (Facebook will be able to detect which device you’re using). There’s also the option for anyone else to use their mobile website for messaging should they want to rid their devices of Facebook’s apps altogether.

While Facebook Messenger still isn’t available for tablets, we imagine it wont be too long before it’s released, given the large amount of tablet users who will be soon left messageless by Facebook’s new move.

Expect the functionality to be stripped away from the Facebook app in the coming weeks (possibly sheddding a few MBs in the process). Anyone out there raging over this new move?

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  1. One word.


  2. this is so facebook can intercept text messages and learn more about you to profile which ads are the best. Rumor has it that the messenger app is hotmic’d. but that’s unconfirmed. I showed my girlfriend a video from AGT from FB messenger…and now she is getting ads asking if she has seen America’s got talent. They obviosuly know the plethora of profitable usage data for smartphone users thus forcing just THEM to use messenger. I would be less suspicious about this if they forced EVERYONE to go to messenger…but due to the fact they can COULD let people still use messages on the app (low end “smartphone” users), and won’t let us actual smartphone be denied that access makes me believe we are being stonewalled to give facebook more information about our device or what apps we have on it.

    1. They also use your browser cookies too. If you use Amazon, you’ll start to see ads for the stuff you search for.

    2. I removed all Facebook apps when they started wanting permissions to access my text messages. I’ll use the mobile site but that’s it now. Been using Google+ a lot more since

      1. Facebook does suck for practices such as this but Google+ will not truly catch on until the 18-25 demographic stops using Facebook and actually becomes aware of the existence of Google+.

  3. Just say no to facebook.End of discussion……………

    1. Yeah, I said “No” to Facebook about a year or so ago, and I have been very happy with that decision. They’re totally not needed.

      1. I’m sure they were just devastated to lose you :)

        1. They could throw a celebration for all I care.

    2. Make people aware that Google+ exists (I’m looking at you here, Google) and that it can do everything Facebook can do for you. Then MAYBE people will stop using it in large numbers.

    3. I never said “yes” to facebook in the first place.

      1. Me neither. The appeal of Facebook is completely lost on me.

  4. If we choose not to update the app, in theory couldn’t we circumvent this?

    1. in theory, you could.

  5. This might be what I need to finally leave Facebook. That’s just flat stupid.

    1. I agree. I won’t leave, but it will leave my phone. I’ll just use the browser if I need to contact someone.

  6. I don’t care. I use the messenger app all the time. Maybe they shouldn’t require it but it is a better experience to use the messenger app than message from the regular Facebook app

  7. i like the idea, the devs put so much time into making an app, i’d want my users to use it. why waste my time. i dont use it, but looking from a dev standpoint, its smart

  8. *facepalm*

  9. Raging? No. Disinterested and unwilling to install the Facebook Messenger App? Definitely. Why any modern software company would fragment their software is beyond me. In any event, its a good excuse to ignore facebook messages and an even better excuse to delete the primary app in the near future.

  10. It’s funny, I’m probably the opposite of most people here but I have Facebook and don’t even have the regular app installed on my phone as I see no use for it. ALL I have installed right now Fb Messenger.

    I’ve always thought it was a strange move to fragment the app but I guess they want a quick messaging solution which is what I do with it.

  11. Its already BS I cant message people with my business account. This is a complete and total waste of time.

  12. dumb but I would never install their app anyway.

  13. I haven’t installed the FB app on my phone since it decided to take my full contact list BY DEFAULT. Since then I remedied the situation and I strictly use FB on my mobile browser only, I don’t even bother using it on my desktop anymore.

  14. Robust as in intrusive, annoying, and pain in the ass? Maybe the problem with the adoption of the app by users has nothing to do with whether we’re aware of it and everything to do with we hate it and it’s pointless.

  15. Yeah stop using Facebook app for messaging and use whatsapp instead… oh wait a minute!!!

  16. Serves you right for using a crappy service like facebook.

    1. Who’s the troll now

  17. Root > change build prop to low end Android device

    Thank me later

  18. yet another reason my prefered social network has been google+ for the past Yr.

  19. Isn’t that the expected move after acquiring whatsapp? This is even less shocking than finding out the dude from Will and Grace prefers the company of men!

  20. I guess i can shed e few mbs of my phone memory and uninstall facebook app altogether. Mobile website should be enough. But then probably they’ll disable the access to that too.

    Any good alternative apps?

  21. The newest beta version has a completely revamped ui…but still has messenger built in..

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