Apr 9th, 2014

Facebook Messenger banner

We have a feeling this may not sit too well with many of you. In a controversial new move, Facebook will soon be requiring its users to download and install their dedicated Facebook Messenger app if they’d like to continue viewing or send messages with Facebook.

A Facebook spokesperson was able to confirm the upcoming changes to The Verge, where the social networking giant has already begun notifying users in Europe of the upcoming change. There’s no question Facebook Messenger offers a much more robust experience than messaging with the standard Facebook app. Recently, Facebook updated Messenger with the ability to make actual voice calls to other Facebook users over a data connection.

Facebook Messenger UI update

Before you freak out, we should mention that there are a few exceptions to the new mandate. Those who own low-end Android devices with limited memory will be able to continue using the regular Facebook app to message loved ones as normal (Facebook will be able to detect which device you’re using). There’s also the option for anyone else to use their mobile website for messaging should they want to rid their devices of Facebook’s apps altogether.

While Facebook Messenger still isn’t available for tablets, we imagine it wont be too long before it’s released, given the large amount of tablet users who will be soon left messageless by Facebook’s new move.

Expect the functionality to be stripped away from the Facebook app in the coming weeks (possibly sheddding a few MBs in the process). Anyone out there raging over this new move?

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