Google Keyboard updated to version 3.0 to bring personalized typing suggestions

Google Keyboard 2.0 update DSC01453

Google has dropped what should be a pretty useful upgrade for their keyboard app. Version 3.0 brings us personalized suggestions, with the data being pulled from your various Google accounts and services. This means your keyboard will now know those quirky words you use only when you speak to your friends and family without you having to teach it.

Of course, the feature can be disabled if you don’t want Google using all the data it already has on you to make your typing life better. Simply head into the keyboard’s settings menu and uncheck the shiny, new “Personalized Suggestions” option.

There doesn’t seem to be much else that’s new with this upgrade, though we imagine Google’s stuffed a few unmentioned bug fixes in there for good measure. It shouldn’t take long for this thing to reach everyone, so be sure to check for the new goods in the Google Play Store if you’re anxious for the new feature.

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  • Socalnathan

    Not sure I could ever give up SwiftKey. Been using it for years now, would be hard to change

    • Scott Stafford


    • Andy

      Same here!

    • Roaduardo

      I feel the same about Swype. I might go back and give Swiftkey a third try and see how much it’s improved.

  • Steve Albright

    I am happy to see the blue color scheme back.

    • Derek Ross

      Bah. Doesn’t match the status bar now.

      • Aiden

        They should update the status bar to match again. All grey is boring.

    • Jay Kresge

      Steve, the blue color scheme was already there. A previous update gave users the options to choose between white or blue. I have that option on mine, and haven’t updated to 3.x yet.

  • steveb944

    Why bother opting out? Google already knows more about me than myself

  • Jared Meadows

    I do really like how seamless this should work. As with all things Google this will be both creepy, and cool at the same time. You’re signed into your account already so the keyboard should just start acting like you already trained it! (Unlike other apps who have to go through an initial scanning process and giving them access to all your accounts, and even then it has to learn a bit).

  • CerealFTW

    The prediction is okay, but Swiftkey and Swype get it more accurately imo

    • IVHorseMen

      Agreed, if Swiftkey had stable emoji support it would be my main keyboard again.

  • Hvacmanjc

    Anyone have any idea why when I change to the blue color on my HTC One, it doesn’t change to blue? It stays white with gray blocks.