Mar 20th, 2014

It looks like a new build for KitKat could be coming our way soon, as new evidence suggests Google is well underway on build KTU65. The evidence appeared in a Google Code bug report for Chromium by a Googler who seems to be testing the build on their Nexus 5.

google code ktu65

So what could it be? Well, going by what we know about the way Google does build numbers, it’s most certainly part of the KitKat family, and is a build that is made as recently as earlier this month.

The number at the end of it are just a date identifier, so whatever this ends up being might not have that exact build number whenever Google gets around to taking it out of the oven. There’s no telling what, exactly, is inside the build, though we know Google still has a lot of kinks to work out in Android 4.4 KitKat.

Specifically, we know there’s a harrowing camera bug that causes excessive battery drain in Android 4.4.2. Most users probably haven’t noticed, but those with Skype running in the background are more likely to see the bug rear its ugly head than anyone else.

Thankfully Skype has already issued a fix that should make it much less likely for their app to trigger the bug, though Google hasn’t yet patched the issue on their end.

Google says they’ve already identified the issue, though, and have already confirmed a fix for a future release. There’s no telling if that fix will be in the build mentioned above, but we imagine this is one issue Google isn’t dragging their feet on. We’ll just have to wait until Google feels this one is ready to roll out to the masses to see what it’s all about.

[via MYCE]

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