Nokia X arrives in India March 15th


The Nokia X+ won’t be coming the the United States, but it will be headed to several other locations around the world. One such country is India, where it has been announced that the X will touch down on March 15th.

The X, which features a rather meager spec list including a 4-inch display, dual-core 1GHz processor, and 3MP camera, was not designed as the flagship Android launch fans have lusted after since the days when Nokia adamantly denied the possibility. Rather, it’s a smartphone that caters to emerging markets where an affordable smartphone almost always trumps its expensive counterpart. A heavily skinned version of Android, which is themed to look similar to the Windows Phone platform found on a majority of Nokia handsets, acts as a gateway to the pending Microsoft subsidiary’s more premium models. The goal is to get first-time smartphone buyers into Nokia’s ecosystem, not Google’s. Android simply provides an affordable and attractive way to do so for all involved.

Speaking of affordable, the Nokia X will retail for Rs 8500, equivalent to about $140 in the States, off-contract. The pricing is actually slightly higher than the €89 (about Rs 7,500 or $125) pricing announced for Europe, and even ranks higher than pricing for the Nokia X+, which was introduced with a price point of €99 (about Rs 8,400 or $139). The X+ along with the Nokia XL were announced alongside the X at Mobile World Congress, rounding out the company’s Android lineup.

[via Deccan Chronicle]


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    crap phone

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    Another pos phone from ms nokia

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    nice phone..i want to buy this phone


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      microsofts android suckss

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    Does it support OTG? If yes, then use Meenova MicroSD to add storage.