Mar 7th, 2014

There’s a new streaming music service in town, but this one’s for the exclusive set. Well, exclusive as in open to the millions of folks owning a Galaxy device. It’s called Milk, and it seeks to perfect the music streaming experience. Don’t they all?


Milk does have a strong foundation. Curated playlists are borrowed from Slacker, one of our favorite (and what we would consider underrated) music streaming services. The experience is therefore very Slacker-like, leaning toward Pandora more so than Spotify. Choosing from hundreds of available genres and micro-genres, users can further customize what they hear by favoriting songs or choosing to hold them out of playlists in the future. A set of sliders allows listeners to further fine-tune what they hear by adjusting preferences for popular music, new music, and user favorites.

Other features include a “Spotlight” section that will be used to showcase exclusive music previews and first listens (in the same vein as a previous Samsung collaboration with Jay Z). Users can also call back previously heard songs if they want to replay one that caught their attention. Milk will keep a running list of the previously played 500 tracks.

We were initially tipped to Milk Music last month after a filing for the name registered to Samsung was uncovered in the USPTO archives. At the time we speculated on a launch at Mobile World Congress. While that did not happen, an actual launch wasn’t far behind.

For now Milk is an ad-free service offering users up to six skips an hour. Its totally free for Samsung users and available now from Google Play.

Download: Milk Music

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