Samsung provides KitKat source for Sprint Galaxy Note 3, update just around the corner


Last week, Sprint was once again first out the gate with a KitKat update, this time for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Call it birthing pangs or whatever you want, but right before the S4 received the update, Samsung was nice enough to upload the KitKat source code to their site.

Today, Samsung is now providing the KitKat source for the SM-N900P, better known as Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Unless you’re device is rooted and you’re active in the Android ROM/hacking/development scene, this likely wont mean much to you.

Of course, if you’re one of those that sees signs, you might take this as a hint that the Note 3’s KitKat update will soon begin rolling out on Sprint, in which case — you might want to keep an eye out.


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  • Shawheim

    hell yeah

  • Joseph Teply

    Ok, so where does that leave us Verizon people?????

    • 12fusion

      A year out

    • blest

      You know where it leaves us lol

  • patrick

    Come on VZW, where is our S4 update? We don’t need your damn bloatware(VZW navigator, ringtones, etc). just give it to us already

  • Michael

    Ok well my Note 3 just got the Kitkat update in St. Louis at 5:48am!!!! (Sprint)

  • jedijames83

    sprint kit kat is downloading friends

  • jedijames83

    13% let’s go let’s go

  • jedijames83

    Verizon is to worried about making money then passing out updates

  • Fountain_SWFL

    Downloading a 503.61MB update OTA on my Sprint Galaxy Note 3 as we speak.