Samsung teases new Exynos Infinity processor for MWC debut – Could it be 64-bit?


Samsung Exynos Infinity teaser

It looks like Samsung could be planning for one helluva showing during next week’s Mobile World Congress. We already expecting everything from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the multiple Galaxy Gear wearables. Today, Samsung’s official “SamsungExynos” Twitter account made a single post teasing the next version of their in-house system-on-chip dubbed Exynos Infinity. They didn’t provide any details, only mentioning that they’d be showing it off in Barcelona (MWC 2014).

Some are speculating that this could be Samsung’s oft rumored 64-bit quad-core mobile processor — the very same one that seems to have made an appearance in a Linux kernel patch. Dubbed the “Samsung GH7,” the SoC is reportedly based on ARMv8-A 64-bit architecture. Coincidence? Maybe. But we can’t let Apple have all the fun, now can we? Stay tuned…

[via SamMobile | GforGames]

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  1. Bring it on Samsung!!

  2. I’m hoping this is the year phones will be able to handle Gamecube emulation.

    1. between gamecube and PS2 which one are much harder to emulate? if i remember correctly hardware wise Game cube is better than both PS2 and original Xbox.

      1. It’s hard to make direct comparisons since they all use different types of processors and coprocessors and video cars but i’d say the xbox 32 bit @733mhz would be the fastest, followed by the gamecube 32bit @ 485mhz and finally the ps2 128bit@299mhz
        But in terms of actual games that were made xbox games were loads more complicated (using onboard harddrive caching meant BIG levels), then ps2, and finally nintendo’s weak but occasionally fun sauce. Also since gamecube didn’t even support 720p it was pushing a lot less pixels and polygons with its much weaker video card than the other 2.

        Really current phone processors should be able to emulate all of them, aside for the fact they are also running android os.

        Anyone have a better answer?

  3. Very unimpressed by Samsung’s Exynos processor. They’re always laggy without exception.

    1. A processor is ‘laggy’.
      Where did you get your engineering degree from??

      1. That puerto rican guy on the corner was selling em for $10. I bought 3.

      2. Exynos 5410. The unique laggy processor in the world (bad big.LITTLE implementation generating real hw lag).

        1. Dude, don’t embarrass yourself. The 5410 had issues with it’s CCI and was capable of only Cluster migration. HMP, GTS wasn’t possible because of that. WTH do you mean by hardware lag? Do you guys even know what is called lag? What sort of irrelevant statement is that??

          Tomorrow you guys will shout that your mangoes are lagging or your shirt is lagging!

          1. You know what I mean. Cluster migration without correct context switching handling generates interruptions. Dont be so touchy.

          2. So, a guy like you saying this as ‘lag’. I am sure you know much better than that. Anyways, let’s see what they have to show this time around.

  4. ARM has been making patches into Android for 64bit SoC support too. It’s very probable.

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