Customize your own HTC Double Dip case using their new online tool à la Motomaker

HTC One Double Dip case customizing tool

We’ve heard it oft argued that there’s not much point in fretting over the the color and build materials of your smartphone when, chances are, you’re simply going to slap a case on it anyway. Okay, we get it. So if services like Motomaker don’t amount to much in the end, how about being able to customize your own case?

HTC has launched a new online customizing tool for their Double Dip cases ( HTC One-only for now), that allows participants to choose the colors of the top, middle, and bottom portion of their cases. Originally, the Double Dip case came with a red top, light grey middle, and dark grey bottom. Now there’s 6 different colors to choose from: Glacier Gray, Neon Lemon, Atlantis (green), Bright Peach (pink), Navy Blazer (blue), and Pastel Blue (Holoyolo) — giving One owners the opportunity to create a case as unique as they are. Our favorite mashup? Watermelon (don’t judge).

Cases run $30, and if you’re undecided, you can check out our review of the original Double Dip case here (video also below). We can’t help but wonder if this online customization tool will also allow us to design our own HTC M8 cases in the future? Here’s to hoping.

HTC One Custom Double Dip Case

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  • No_Nickname90

    Hmm… Not bad. Not bad at all.

  • lynyrd65

    pretty cool! This is an excellent idea!

    (I wish these cases were grippier though)

  • Daniel

    This case was the worst. I had one for my M7 and it ended up scratching the back of the phone. It looks great, but what’s the point if it damages the phone?