MTV app brings full episodic content to your Android device

mtv app

MTV junkies rejoice: a new Android app is waiting for you in the Google Play Store. It’s the official app to the music television station that barely plays music videos anymore, and it will bring you full episodes of shows like the Real World and Teen Wolf. You’ll also get yearly VMA coverage and access to other clips and extras that you’d normally have to venture off to the company’s website to get.

More than that, you’ll get a “viewing companion” which will feed up various bits of info about whatever show you’re watching, including info about the characters, songs used in the show and other insider info. You’ll also be treated to quizzes and trivia — you know, just to make sure you’re paying attention.

The app is free, of course, so head to the Google Play Store and grab it as soon as possible if you can’t stand to be without MTV content while you’re away from home.

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  • johnny989

    Cool, if this would have came in 1999 I might have cared

  • MineIsBetterThanYours

    You mean there will be MUSIC VIDEOS???? Oh wait.. this it MTV. Right.

  • Marc Barbieri

    Who would want to watch any of the TRASH that MTV puts out?

  • Wesley

    USA only ;(

  • Delmar

    The only watchable show on mtv is “true life”