Dec 24th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:14 pm

nokia normandy

Although Nokia is rumored to be scrapping plans to be bringing an Android phone, we’re still seeing leaks about the Nokia Normandy. If you don’t remember, this was to be a mid-range Android phone, but due to Microsoft’s purchase of the Finnish company we may never see it launch.

We still have no clue what sort of specs were supposed to be inside this thing, but it doesn’t sound like it was supposed to be impressive. We do know that Nokia was looking to provide it in multiple color options, though, with @evleaks giving us a look at the full spectrum of colors in a leaked press render.

Despite the fact that this thing may never see the light of day, Nokia still has to have egg on their face for the Finnish boys peeing in their pants comment. No, Anssi Vanjoki, I will never forget that comment. That Nokia was thinking about making an Android phone at all completely negates anything they ever said to try and discredit the mobile operating system’s dominance.

With Nokia being a lone wolf in the Windows Phone race under Microsoft’s banner, they probably won’t be thinking too much about using other operating systems to help them keep warmth in their pants this winter. But just know that they were thinking about doing it anyway.

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