Final Fantasy IV: The After Years arrives on Android, download on Google Play for $16


2013 has been a good year for Final Fantasy fans on Android. Back in June, we saw Square Enix release the HD remake of Final Fantasy IV into the Play Store. It was only a good 3 months later during TGS 2013 (Tokyo Game Show) that Squenix announced the sequel — Final Fantasy IV: The After Years — would also be making its way to Google Play. However, without a solid date, we were left guessing as when the title to arrive. Over the weekend, it finally happened. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is now officially available for Android.

Final Fantasy IV The After Years Android


Like all Square Enix games ported from once $40 Nintendo DS titles, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years weighs in at a healthy $16. A full fledged RPG experience on your Android device, it doesn’t really fit into the same category as $2 endless runners or countless freemium title flooding Google Play — and that’s fine by me.  Guess it’s time to add Google Play Store gift cards to my Christmas wishlist.

Download on Google Play: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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  1. Samsung bought me this..for buying a Note 3. Haven’t really played it yet. I just picked an expensive game to buy with the $50 Play Store money.

  2. Haven’t bought a single one of their Android games because they want way too much. I can get better for cheaper. No thanks.

    1. Seriously, if they priced these games a tad cheaper like say $5 I would have bought them all. All of sqenix mobile games are way over priced.

      1. I mean, some of them — like FF3 — I bought on my Nintendo DS for way more ($30). Having it on a smartphone or tablet for half the price sounds reasonable to me.

        1. I see your point but look at another console port gta3 launched at $5 and has well over a million sold now. Were talking digital downloads of decade old games the money has probably been made back 10 times over on these titles no need to be greedy at this point.

          1. I hear ya. Really, the only thing keeping me from impulse buying these games is their $15 price tag. $5 would be an instant no-brainer.

          2. Its not just a matter of make a port and push it out ..they also have to provide constant support and patches and updates for all the various android builds. a DS is a DS is a DS..but for the mariad of android devices, they have to keep a dedicated support staff constantly fixing bugs for all the various tablets and phones out there. These people have annual salaries. Say its a support staff of 3 or 4. Each making say 50k. They have to make more then 200k a year just to pay thier staff..not mention equipment. Office space. Etc.. and then they also have to make a good enough profit to make the endever worth it.

            Not to mention, this would be the last time you ever buy it. No more nintendo like charges of buy it on the DS,..then dsi..and you have to buy AGAIN on the 3ds. Here, you buy it one time and then can play it forever on any android device and phone that you upgrade to from then on. Never needing to buy again.

          3. so what if i switch to apple or windows ph….lol sorry I couldn’t finish typing that with out laughing.

  3. I haven’t played FF ever. I know, I know, shun the non believer. Out of curiosity though, are these FF games on Android worth the $15. Is the $15 worth it? Does it deliver an enjoyable gaming experience when compared to other handheld gaming systems?

    1. i would say yes, its worth it — if you enjoy a good ‘epic’ story.

      as for gaming experience, if you’re into real RPG (as opposed to hack and slash), then yes… do give it a try. no need to buy all the games. pick one and try.

  4. Tactics Tactics Tactics! lol.. I want Tactics! Oh and FF7 too. ;)

  5. I’ll wait for an inevitable sale.

  6. They need more diverse selection. I like final fantasy, but what about some old enix titles!?!

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