Koush’s AllCast Beta 7 lets you cast to ALL the things; Chromecast not invited [VIDEO]


When Google effectively shut down third party Chromecast apps with the latest changes to their API, it left folks like Koushik Dutta and his AllCast app hanging. The app had become useless, and there was nothing he could do about it (until Google ends up releasing an official API, of course). So instead of letting the project rot, Koushik had an even better idea — expand it!

As such, the developer has reintroduced AllCast as an app that can cast to ALL the things. In other words, the app is now used for streaming your content to an Xbox 360, Roku box, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs or any other DLNA-capable device. Funnily enough, the Chromecast does not yet fit that description, so there is no support for it yet.

The video shows that the app works pretty well for where it is (which is beta 7 as of the time of this writing). Content loads fast and plays smoothly, and should be a great alternative to easily playing content on your television. Koush humorously mentions that the beta will “self destruct” on December 1st, so you’ll want to download it as soon as possible in case he’s going to be taking it down at that point. Take a look at a quick demo of AllCast in action in the video embedded above.

[via +Koushik Dutta]

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  1. cool!

  2. Aren’t there a dime-a-dozen dlna apps already? I love what Koush does and he is valuable to the community, but this seems redundant and unnecessary. It doesn’t seem to add anything new.

    1. my thought exactly. if it doesn’t cast your screen with a game on its just another bubbleupnp. kudos to Koush anyways, he’s one of the corner stones of android success.

    2. It streamlines the process to be integrated into an almost OS-like level of seamlessness. Notice he beamed directly from his device’s native gallery app.

  3. Actually Allcast and Fling work again with Chromecast thanks to Kyocast… well at least for rooted Chromecasts.

  4. does that work with roku 2?

    1. Yes tested it last night.

  5. So will it actually Cast anything on the screen or does the app have to play along?

  6. Will it work with the ps3? Yes I know I’m a noob. :-)

    1. I’d love to know this too lol

    2. Ps3 is dlna capible, so probably so. I usually have skipping in videos when using the typical dlna app, but for pictures and music and such it works fine. But heres the kicker, it definitely wont work on Ps4, unless Sony changes their current stance.

  7. Anyone know how to get this to work with my Sony TV. It finds my TV in the list of available streaming devices and i select something to stream and it says “Now Playing” but nothing is on my screen. Tried changing inputs. Any ideas ? The progress bar doesnt even move.

    1. My Sony blu ray player is doing the same thing…

    2. Then you may be streaming codec that your TV doesn’t recognize. That’s a drawback with DLNA.

  8. When he says self destruct he means it. It will stop working after that day. Just like the rest of his betas

  9. We need TRUE mirrorcast. I would love it stream emulators. I want to play emulators from my phone so I don’t need ouya etc. Stream the phone screen not just pics or dog videos. I would pay to stream 1channel, games, and emulators! Help me help you! Haha. I just wanna play Super Mario!

  10. Not another DLNA client.. Aren’t there enough on the market? This article says nothing about what makes this special.

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