Nov 25th, 2013

When Google effectively shut down third party Chromecast apps with the latest changes to their API, it left folks like Koushik Dutta and his AllCast app hanging. The app had become useless, and there was nothing he could do about it (until Google ends up releasing an official API, of course). So instead of letting the project rot, Koushik had an even better idea — expand it!

As such, the developer has reintroduced AllCast as an app that can cast to ALL the things. In other words, the app is now used for streaming your content to an Xbox 360, Roku box, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs or any other DLNA-capable device. Funnily enough, the Chromecast does not yet fit that description, so there is no support for it yet.

The video shows that the app works pretty well for where it is (which is beta 7 as of the time of this writing). Content loads fast and plays smoothly, and should be a great alternative to easily playing content on your television. Koush humorously mentions that the beta will “self destruct” on December 1st, so you’ll want to download it as soon as possible in case he’s going to be taking it down at that point. Take a look at a quick demo of AllCast in action in the video embedded above.

[via +Koushik Dutta]