Nov 25th, 2013

2013 has been a good year for Final Fantasy fans on Android. Back in June, we saw Square Enix release the HD remake of Final Fantasy IV into the Play Store. It was only a good 3 months later during TGS 2013 (Tokyo Game Show) that Squenix announced the sequel — Final Fantasy IV: The After Years — would also be making its way to Google Play. However, without a solid date, we were left guessing as when the title to arrive. Over the weekend, it finally happened. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is now officially available for Android.

Final Fantasy IV The After Years Android


Like all Square Enix games ported from once $40 Nintendo DS titles, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years weighs in at a healthy $16. A full fledged RPG experience on your Android device, it doesn’t really fit into the same category as $2 endless runners or countless freemium title flooding Google Play — and that’s fine by me.  Guess it’s time to add Google Play Store gift cards to my Christmas wishlist.

Download on Google Play: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years