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PS4 PlayStation App android

While you still have to wait until this Friday to get your hands on the PlayStation 4, the official PlayStation App — with PS4 compatibility — is now available on Google Play. This PS4 companion app will let you do everything from manage and chat with your friends, compare trophies, and brings second-screen functionality to your Android device on games that support it.

You can even download games or demos from the PlayStation Store directly to your PS4 from your Android, making sure they’re ready to go by the time you get home. Of course, the app is still free and is currently waiting for you to install via the link below. Friday can’t come soon enough.

Download: PlayStation App on Google Play

[via PS4Daily]

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  1. Too bad there will be a PS4 shortage for months after launch. Hey, it’s almost like a Nexus launch.

    1. Hyped about the system, but there just aren’t any launch titles I’m interested in. Actually thinking about selling my system for an Xbox One…

      1. Awwww man Chris! You gotta join me online for some ps4 fun lol I’m picking mines up midnight launch. I have a buddy who rarely plays call of duty and when he borrowed it from a friend and played online with me he ended up buying it just to hear my commentary. My friends keep insisting I record all of our online gaming dialogue but I keep forgetting to lol

      2. You cereal bruh? M$ is so money hungry. You do know they only retracted their stance on used games and always on because they got bad publicity not because they cared, don’t you? PS4 will be the top console this generation.

        1. Pretty sure they ALL want our money, man. Even I want your money. O_o

      3. That’s the exact reason I’m getting the X1 first. Plus the controller, the Kinect features and the TV integration is awesome.

        1. Yeah, I always get both systems, it’s just a matter of which one I’m gonna get first.

          I know it’s not popular opinion, but all that Xbox One/Kinect stuff sounds really cool to me. So conflicted. :/

      4. I’m the exact opposite. Xbox One has no games that even remotely interest me apart from Forza.

      5. If ryse, titanfall, and forza 5 turn out to be excellent games I may initially regret switching to play station.

        But I’m thinking long term and about the potential games that naughty dog will come out with. I will buy the Xbox one when halo 5 comes out IF it turns out to be a very highly rated game. Also, in the long term, as developers become accustomed to the systems, exclusive games will start to look a lot better on the ps4 vs the Xbox one.

        Also, it’s odd that Xbox doesn’t have an exclusive first person shooter in their launch lineup. I’m psyched to play killzone this Friday.

  2. jaggies on the app, and the constant need to open browser its just distracting and weird

    1. Noticed the same thing. The icons and graphics are all in 720p. Looks pretty bad on the Nexus 5. *sigh*

      1. im using my mi-one its a lower resolution device :/ so its even more noticeable

      2. Even worse, the app runs at 30fps. And mine cost $100 more than the advertised “free” cost…

  3. Not available in Australia :(

  4. If I download a game through the app, will my PS4 turn on and download it?
    Would love for someone to be in that room and have a mini-freakout

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