New Google Play Store 4.4 leaked, currently being tested on Android 4.4 KitKat

Google Play Store 4.4 leak

A new version of the Google Play Store was just leaked in a handful of screenshots. The images show of a Play Store with a design that falls in line with other recently updated Google applications. By that, we mean the large slide-out navigation menu, populated with many of the options once reserved to the overflow 3-dot menu.

While nothing terribly ground breaking, this new Play Store version 4.4 is currently being tested on Android 4.4 KitKat devices, but will be available for all devices all the way back til Froyo when it’s finally available. We should note, this was an early version of the apk and the app is still undergoing final changes. Sorry, folks. No download.

It’s possible further UI tweaks are in the works and again, while this is only a small change, it’s nice to see Google finally getting their house in order in time for the big Android 4.4 KitKat release. Now let’s see some Google Voice love, Google.

[Android Police]

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  • Nathan Bryant

    Must have

  • Big_EZ

    I wonder if turning off the auto add widgets/apps will work. I hate having to manually remove 20-30 apps/widgets after I flash a new rom.

    • No_Nickname90

      Why wouldn’t it? It doesn’t work for you?

      • Big_EZ

        Nope, and hasn’t for some time. I’ve tried toggling it on and back off, clearing cashe, and flashing different roms and it still auto adds shortcuts to the home screen. I remember seeing articles on a new version of the play store and a few days later the problem started. There have been other play store updates since, but it hasn’t fixed the issue for me.

        • No_Nickname90

          Oh no!! That sounds horrible. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. =.[

    • Crimsonshadow774

      That and the auto downloading of your apps. Happens every time I flash a new rom. I’m sure it’s a nice feature for some but in my opinion it should be off by default.

      • C-Law

        Mine is off by default. Evert time install a new rom, all my apps download but I get no icons on the desktop and settings shows auto add unchecked. I wonder why your setting isn’t saved to your Google account like mine is

      • Big_EZ

        I wish it would auto download my apps, it’s only worked a few times in 3 years and a few hundred rom flashes. I generally have to re-download them manually. It does seem to auto download them more often since I got my Note 2.

        • Crimsonshadow774

          I’ll trade you. Haha. I always use titanium backup as it’s faster and restores app data as well.

          • Big_EZ

            I use titanium to restore data, but not apps.

      • Jason Farrell

        All you have to do is remember uncheck the “restore” checkbox during initial google account setup on firstrombootup, but keep the “backup” box checked. I’ve never forgotten… because I speshul, I guess.

        I then use TiBu for a faster restore.

        • Crimsonshadow774

          I’ve thought about doing that but doesn’t that stop it from restoring saved passwords and other data?

          I guess I’m just too nit picky. Haha

    • Chris Chavez

      You’d have to be quick, and do it while the apps are redownloading.

      • Debian Dog

        Or make it simple and don’t log into Google until you have restored your titanium backup.

    • C-Law

      Mine is off by default ever since I unchecked when they first added it to the play store. Every time I install a new rom, all my apps download but I get no icons on the desktop and settings shows auto add unchecked. I wonder why your setting isn’t saved to your Google account like mine is.

  • Max

    speaking of google voice…i am still running the version i had on my og droid, since it allows me to make an receive calls via friends and family assigned phone numbers, is there a way to do this on a newer non ancient version of google voice? i wouldn’t mind upgrading after 3 years lol, although its a super stable build

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      What do you m ean ‘via friends and family assigned phone numbers’ ?

      • Max

        So I have my google voice # saved as a friends and family number (so all incoming calls to my google voice # doesn’t use any minutes), but i Also have the outgoing google voice server # saved as another friends and family number (which allows all my outgoing google voice calls to also be free).

        It is my understanding that google voice switched to using a different system (that doesn’t use the internet for that millisecond to connect the call) that doesn’t use the standard google server # and thus wouldn’t work with friends and family.

        Maybe the new version does allow this and I am just confused?

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          I have no idea what you’re talking about, but most cell phone plans these days have unlimited voice time anyway, so this shouldn’t be a huge issue. They’re now raping us over data charges, since that’s what people use most these days.

          • Max

            Naw I get the best of both worlds. I have verizon’s coverage, get 1400 minutes on a 4 person family line and pay relatively little and we never come close to using 1400 minutes, b/c of friends and family. Plus my line is grandfathered and the other 2 lines that have data have 2 gbs and never use them up, since they both have fast wifi at work.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            1400 minutes? Christ, I don’t need to talk to anybody that much :P lol
            I don’t ever remember Google Voice being able to make calls for free, at least not on wifi. But cool that’s working for you.

          • Max

            1400 minutes divided by 4 lines. people complain about verizon being expensive but their family plans (which you don’t have to even be a family to use) are actually quite reasonable.

            Technically you aren’t making calls for free you are making and receiving calls via phone numbers that just happen to be free because you are using 2 of your 10 friends and family #’s on them.

            We use only about 1000 minutes a month (1400 is the cheapest plan that gives you F&F), but when you count in in-network verizon calling, nights and weekend and friends and family, we actually use clooser to 7000 minutes. I could switch to unlimited calling but why would i spend an extra ~$ 50 for that?

            Anyways- what i was trying to figure out originally is whether I can still run through an outgoing google server phone line (that i know the # of) using a newer version of google voice? Anybody know? sorry to get this thread off track.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            I seriously doubt it, but if you make a lot of calls from home, you can get a USB headset and call for free using Google Hangouts, and probably other services as well.

  • dara_parsavand

    More search filters would be nice. Given that we are talking about Google here, I’m surprised I can’t search apps at least as well as I can search for products on amazon – filter by software license, average customer review, number of reviews, number of users, etc. Plus be able to sort by any of these criteria.

  • Delmar

    Having a separate section of apps you purchased would be the best feature

    • fourthletter

      I have had that for years, my apps.

      • Delmar

        Sounds tempting but I rather have it built into the play store

        • Name Cannot Be Blank

          It is. Hit the menu button when youre in the app. Its right at the top

          • Delmar

            no thats all the apps ive ever installed in the history of the play store

          • Chris Flocken

            No that’s on the right. Your currently installed apps are on the left.

          • Delmar

            You’re right I can’t believe I’ve missed that all this time

          • Name Cannot Be Blank

            lol i thought i was correct on that.

  • onlyone

  • Robertjm

    My biggest grip is that the ALL apps is not sorted on my Android phone. But, it is when I go to the Google Play Store on my laptop. Why is there no way to sort on the phone?!?!? And it would be cool if they would break ALL up so that I could have a listing of apps purchased and/or installed on my other devices, yet not on the device I’m currently on. Having Installed apps amongst all others in the ALL list, just makes for a longer All list, and they already have Installed apps broken out.

  • AliCarbovader

    I had this layout of playstore a few days ago, when I was using HotspotShield. I thought it was probably an update to playstore. But then when I opened again after a few hours, it was gone. I was introduced to Google Music, and Google Books and everything right then. I didn’t know they existed!