Code found on official Android site suggests we might soon get a countdown to Nexus 5 and 4.4 KitKat [UPDATE]


Android.com KitKat page

Both Google and Kit Kat have been having a good ‘ol time, sitting back, watching the Android blogs hypebeast the heck out of the impending announcement (and release) of Android 4.4 KitKat. We’ve already highlighted some of the best the release date/announcement guesses the internet has to offer in a post earlier this afternoon.

Android KitKat page JavaScript comingsoon-countdown

While Android fans everywhere continue racking their brains, we might be able to rest a little easier knowing the announcement likely wont be blindsiding any of us. In fact, digging through the HTML code inside the official Android KitKat page, yielded a JavaScript code for “kitkat.min.js”. Inside that code, it’s seemingly spelled out clear as day: “comingsoon-countdown”.

What does it mean? Well, it looks as if the official Android 4.4 KitKat homepage could soon feature some sort of countdown timer, counting down the seconds until the official worldwide reveal. All that’s left now is for Google to plug in a date, then the countdown can officially begin.

Because we’ll all know ahead of time when Google plans to officially unveil Android 4.4, it’s extremely unlikely that an announcement will happen out of the blue and without warning (dismissing claims that 4.4 could be announced today, tomorrow, or soon after that).

Guess we can still conjecture as to when that will finally happen, but we hope this gives some of you out there a little more peace of mind. We want it just as bad as anyone, and nobody likes being toyed with (you hear that, Kit Kat?).


It looks like the actual source of the discovery — Google+ user Stephan Schmitz — could have been wrong. In an update to his original post he states:

“Thanks to +Jason Su , who cleared this up. As you can see from this pastebin http://pastebin.com/vmNcfTbS (a copy of the australian android web page) unfortunately the CSS class names and JS function probably refer to the start of the contest only.”

[Google+ | via PhoneArena]

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  1. Stop teasing me Google.. My Galaxy Nexus is aging faster and faster by the day

    1. I’m still rocking mine as well.

      1. I have two Galaxy Nexus (well my wife uses one). :)

      2. Me, too. Still happy with it, too.

        I’ll be upgrading to a Nexus 5, though. My G’Nex has been a great phone and it will go on backup duty.

      3. Same here, but it’s getting a little long in the blue tooth. (sorry). Now should I leave big red for magenta or blue?

        1. Depends on your area, actually. While I’ll never go back to the death star, I can see that some people may not be able to get decent signal from ‘uncarrier’.

    2. Well, both the LG-D820 (“North America” Nexus 5) and the LG-D821 (“International” Nexus 5) passed through the FCC two months ago and were both certified. There’s nothing holding it back, except Google doesn’t want to announce/release it yet.

      Do you know why Google has not released the Nexus 5 yet? Becuase Google has never released a Nexus smartphone before November. NEVER.

      The last two (2011, 2012) were RELEASED in November — after October announcements. All four have been November, November, December, January.

      So, just sit back and get ready to buy — in November. :)

      1. GNex was originally scheduled to be announced October 11 but was delayed because Stevie Jobs croaked. We have seen more leaks, teasers, rumors than ever before. We’re overdue. I don’t care when it’s released. I just need an announcement date to be released at this point. Google needs to hurry up and give us that press conference date. That’s all we want.

        1. And the GNex was STILL announced in October 2011. Look it up. It was also RELEASED in November and Stevo dying didn’t change that. Google just delayed the announcement by a week or so, but the Galaxy Nexus was still ANNOUNCED in October.

          Don’t confuse ANNOUNCEMENT with RELEASE. Google announced the Gnex in October 2011 and released in November 2011, Google announced the Nexus 4 in October 2012 and released in November 2012. It’s a pattern.

    3. Yeah I just have mine plugged in alllllllllllllll day because the battery life is so abysmal. Ugh. Need. Nexus. 5. Now.

    4. I’m rocking a G’Nex, too. However, it still feels sprightly for me with great battery life.

      I am definitely picking up a Nexus 5, though. My G’Nex will be a trusty backup phone.

      1. for shiz, still not entirely convinced with LG as the manufacturer though. If the rumours of another Moto branded nexus phone for this year are true, I think I’ll hold out for that one. Either way, the GNex has been a solid phone (besides the volume).

        Don’t know about you, but I’ll be installing Ubuntu on my GNex after I get a new Nexus.


    5. I think you’ll find this is what happens when two companies who are big on advertising get together… more advertising (just via less obvious channels) ;-)

    6. Agreed, my GN is getting a little long in the blue tooth (sorry). Now do I leave big red for magenta or blue?

      1. without a doubt. Magenta.

    7. Imagine a Nexs S owner like me.

  2. So it’s come to this: A countdown to the countdown.

    1. yo dawg – i heard you like countdowns, so i made a countdown for yo countdowns so you can anticipate the anticipation.

    2. couldn’t resist

    3. here you go!

    4. Google playing coy..

  3. sigh

  4. C’Mon Google! My Evo 3D is on its last leg! I need a Nexus 5!

    1. Oh sweet merciful…

    2. my sensations auxiliary port and power button don’t even work anymore. I have to use my ipod(unfortunately) for music and adb to start my phone when it dies or I need to switch the battery. I know how you feel haha damnit Google, just release it

  5. Android 4.4 Kit Kat has me really hyped. I’m hoping the Nexus 5 delivers too but not holding my breath after the last one.

  6. Come on Google my HTC one is!.. Who I’m I kidding it’s still pretty awesome but I still want to trade up to the nexus!!

    1. Just convert yours to the GPE and you should be fine. No need to go through a period without a phone just to get the software.

      1. You know what it is also, I’ve never had those software and for some reason that looks so tempting to me (I know it’s silly) lol

        1. Not really a bad thing. Looks can be deceiving though. The Software gets tons of updates, but it lacks those nifty features HTC or Samsung make. I think plain Android is too austere. I have it on my Nexus 7, and it does the job, but a lot of it just too bland.

  7. Nice marketing all along, Google! You are successful in creating so much hype! Though I love Google / Nexus, its kind of insane.

  8. How did someone find that particular code? Like did they just randomly go into developer mode on the page and like stumble upon it?

    I really want to know. =.3

    1. Uh, view source code, ctrl + f. It’s not really a secret.

      1. Uh…? Ctrl + F is the search function. You mean to tell me someone randomly thought to search for “Coming Soon”? LoL!!

  9. Chris, no offense, but you consistently post things that are old, based on out-of-date info, or in this case, false.

    This has already been proven to be 100% BS. The countdown was for the start of the KitKat contest. Some European versions of that site still have the same code, except the date is still there and it’s from September.

    1. Thanks for the update, but the source of the article made it sound like it was their discovery. Their post was never updated.

      The real source posted his discovery this morning, only later updating it with the now current information that we’ve now updated the post with. We never said any of this information was factual, just stated the discovery, and posted our thoughts on what it could mean.

      Never had much faith in this, but it was a fun discovery none-the-less. Thanks for the update.

    2. Not completly true. The http://www.android.com/kitkat/js/kitkat.min.js is the same static resource for *all* localized sites – this is where I found the references to the coming soon timer.

      But neither the default version of http://www.android.com/kitkat/index.html (en_us) nor, unlike you said, most of the localized versions (such as http://www.android.com/kitkat/index.html?hl=de, http://www.android.com/kitkat/index.html?hl=fr etc.) contain the old contest HTML code. There are no such elements as (still) referenced in the global kitkat.min.js.

      So, because I found *no* such HTML elements, but the JS/CSS references, my guess was that this code is for future use. Later, someone in the comments pointed me to a cached copy of the ausralian website version. Only then I saw the old contest divs (btw, the russian version still has it: http://www.android.com/kitkat/index.html?hl=ru ) and that the JS/CSS references that I stumpled upon were obviously not for future use but rather were used in the past.

      To sum up: Found JS/CSS references to a countdown timer on the Kitkat landing page. > The referenced HTML elements were not actually in the HTML source code. > We are all waiting for the Kitkat launch. > Of course, my first guess was that the countdown is for the launch of Kitkat. And, I think, that’s reasonable. And to be perfectly honest: I’ve read much less reasonable #androidkitkatnexus5holomolyshutupandtakemymoney posts in the last days. ;-)

  10. Galaxy Nexus used to be my favorite phone. Now it’s the Note 3

  11. With all this digging around, what ever happened to being surprised?

  12. tinyurl.com/l3cselt


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