Oct 16th, 2013

Google Offers UI update

The updates keep a flowin’ out of the Google HQ. This time it’s the Google Offers app receiving some TLC today in the Google Play Store, after making its Android debut back in November of last year. The newly updated app features an all new overhauled UI, adding 99% more cards (and electrolytes) into the mix.

New Google Offers update

Aside from just a pretty new makeover, the app also features additional functionality as well. Redeeming offers act the same way as a coupon. Find the deal you like, present the barcode to the cashier and you’re on your way. No more buying offers ahead of time. Coupon clippers can even save offers to the new “My Offers” tab for later use. The best part? You no longer need a network connection to redeem them (great for those that lug their Nexus 7 around everywhere).

You can also switch between local and offers in other cities, meaning you’re sure to rack up a good amount of digital coupons and savings. Have to admit, I haven’t given the app a spin since it launched and it’s pretty snazzy. Netted myself a 50% offer for Bucca di Beppo. Honey, we’re eating out!

[Google Offers on Google Play]


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