Verizon LTE towers delivering speeds up to 80 megabits in New York City — upgrades imminent?

Any carrier would tell you that their first 4G LTE phase is far from being the last. While current LTE performance is quite delectable on most carriers, the technology is so good that there is still massive room for improvement. Said improvement can come in a way that’s easily scalable at the tower level, and it won’t take a massive difference in both site and cellular technology for users to begin to reap the benefits.

speed test verizon nyc

With Verizon pretty much finished with their initial LTE rollout, it looks like the nation’s largest carrier is getting ready to enter phase 2. GigaOM is reporting a series of speed tests on a certain Verizon tower in NYC that is clocking the network at up to 80 megabits per second down and 15 megabits up.

It’s suggested Verizon is testing their new upgrades on a full 40MHz of spectrum, which should theoretically allow max speeds of 150 megabits. That the user was able to pull down just 80 megabits could be explained by a couple of different things:

  1. Verizon is limiting bandwidth speeds themselves.
  2. The current deployment is not yet powerful enough to push further toward the high end of that “theoretical” number.

Whatever the case may be, it’s also worth noting that networks tend to do much better when there aren’t many people on them. Think back to the days where Verizon and AT&T first deployed LTE — users enjoyed as much as 40-50 megabits, but these days they’re lucky enough if they can hit 20, what with all the congestion they have to deal with.

These upgrades should help alleviate some of that congestion, and should prove to be just one of many key long-term moves Verizon needs to ensure their reputation for network quality remains unblemished. We’re not even sure how far away we are from seeing any official launch of these enhancements, but it’s nice to know that they’re working on it.

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  • Ron_Swanson

    Attention customers, we have decided to double our prices. Thank you,

  • NW_Raver

    Meanwhile I’ve been getting mid 50s on AT&T for the past year. I won’t complain.

  • Jesse_Knight

    At this point, I’m not sure anything could keep me on Verizon. My GNex contract is up in December and I’m going back to T-Mobile to rock the N5.

    • nofearofimaginarymen

      I am sure N5 will be my go to phone as well. I get to leave sprint so I will finally get good data speeds where I spend most of my days (currently around 0.24mbps down). Off contract seems to be the best option if you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money per month.

    • blest

      I got something that keeps me on.. My discount! Feels like being on the cheaper companies with extra perks.

      • No_Nickname90

        I don’t like you because you have discounts. You’ve mentioned this before. If I could get some 10GB plan the same price as Tmo, I’d be all on Verizon… eh… never mind. I wouldn’t.

        I change phones too often. And GSM phones have better dev support. Never mind. I’d hate the experience. LoL!!

        • blest

          Tbh, that’s the only snag. The lack of phones on big red. Hurts my soul sometime.

    • OtisFeelgood

      I’m with you. I’m dropping Verizon and switching back to T-Mobile once the Nexus 5 launches.

  • Doan

    I was getting 67/20 when VZW first implemented LTE here. Now I average 35/10. I’ve no complaints.

  • icyrock1

    How about getting half this speed to be the norm on there network? My dad has Verizon, and he averages 10~15mb. They need a more consistent network. There are customer’s in other places besides New york and Manhattan.

    • Max

      i average 18 in miami, and never got above 5 and averaged about 3 in new york on verizon they need more towers and higher speeds to make up for the congestion and terrible geography

    • No_Nickname90

      WTF!? 10-15MB is actually good.
      *First world problems*

      • icyrock1

        Haha, yeah, maybe it is. But it’s hardly the image that they want (inconsistent network).

        I might be spoiled when it comes to Internet speed (my wifi averages 25mbs), but that still feels slow for what I do. I want a utopia of equal speed, or, at least, decent speeds.

        • John Wentworth

          mobile speeds will always fluctuate, no matter what technology they invent, too many variables.
          Signal quality, number of current users and the total load on the tower. There actually isn’t much if anything that people do on smartphones that is going to show considerable performance differences at 10 – 15mbps, at that point all that matters for most apps is latency on mobile applications.

  • phinn

    I hope this is true. We NEED more bandwidth.

    My office is a block from Grand Central and everyone is lucky to get 50Kb/s (i’m not exaggerating) due to so much congestion. Signal goes between LTE, 3G and 2G. When everything empties out at the end of the day, or elsewhere in the city, 20Mb/s LTE is commonplace.

    • ari_free

      We need more bandwidth but the net neutrality people seem to think it magically grows from trees for free.

      • rstat1

        because blocking websites who refuse to be extorted for priority access (or any access at all for that matter) is totally gonna fix everything.

  • BigMixxx

    and the data costs will remain the same…..

    I love verizon…but the data rates are aweful….

    • David Narada Brown

      If they remain the same consider urself lucky. Im sure verizon will demand more $ for this improvement.

  • cammykool

    out n the outskrts of aurora CO a very lightly used tower and nothing but a corn field and a wall seperating me from the tower

    • No_Nickname90

      You just wasted about 32MB of data to show us this. =.3

      But the fact that you can be out in the middle of nowhere living next to Courage The Cowardly Dog and still have good speeds is actually pretty good. I just can’t live without my unlimited. =.[

    • Lonetree

      Odd, I’m near a lightly used tower myself outside of Madison, WI and routinely get 50-60 Mbps.

  • Toasted_Cracker

    What’s the point? Unless you are grandfathered, you are limited to a tiny allotment of data.

    • Brian

      Everything you do now loads/downloads faster. Sounds good to me. If you’re an addict, that’s your problem :)

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        With 2gb – 3gb a month, that pretty much makes video out of the question. For everything else, would you really notice a difference between 20 and 80mbps?

        • Brian

          Yes, it is a measurement of speed of data transfer, not of the quantity of data. The faster your browser/app receives the data, the faster it can load it.

          • jnads

            Only to the limit of perceptibility of the human attention span.

            Reasonable acceptable speed is probably in the area of 5-10 mbit/sec. Beyond that, most people don’t care.

          • Brian

            Yes, and at a certain point the limiting factor of your “quality of experience” is not your bandwidth, but your processing power.

          • itmustbejj

            What he is saying is after about 3-4 mbps, the only noticeable improvement in web browsing comes from ping times.

      • AmendFIRSTment

        I completely agree! If faster DL speeds ruins your life.. your just bad at Life!

    • Nick

      Even if you’re grandfathered, you get throttled after a set amount of usage.

      • Andrew

        Nope! If you have a 4G device on Verizon’s network they don’t throttle you ever unless you fallback to 3G and have used more than 2 GB’s of data that month and are on a tower that is experiencing heavy usage.

        • AmendFIRSTment

          I second this

  • Itchy_Robot

    sweet … zero to data cap in 25 seconds

    • blest

      I ain’t complaining as long as I’m on my unlimited plan.

    • bmg314

      Only if you suddenly watch movies or listen to music faster.

    • malcmilli

      yeah.. except a 500 mb movie is still a 500 mb movie no matter how fast you download it.

      • No_Nickname90

        Download ALL the ROMs!! =.D

  • Chocobo87

    So do I need a new phone or will my current phone adapt right away?

  • supremekizzle

    Everyone in NY just got brain cancer.

  • Ckburks

    I’ve been told that the broadband provided to each tower in East Texas is a gig through put, so I’d say the technology is already there. Think I’m usually at 30mb on average and 50 if I hold my left leg over my head.

  • RussiansRfunny

    Tbobo who?

    • AmendFIRSTment

      I’m looking for a good wife, do you have any for sale?

  • disqus_7zCKYC2BSD

    It’s nice to see companies upgrading their networks but companies like verizon and at&t only kill the experience with there data caps. I mean who wants to be restricted streaming their favorite shows or downloading a movie, game or whatever.

    • No_Nickname90

      And then they still advertise using WiFi to save battery. =.=

  • mattpyles

    80 megabits per second, so you run out of your 2 gb of data in one week instead of two. Yipee!

    • Jeff C

      speed has nothing to do with amount. if you DL a 5mb file 8x faster it doesnt mean youre gonna use up your data 8x faster

      • mattpyles

        Very true, but you’ll be able to get through more cat videos while waiting for the bus, the wife, the nexus 5, etc.

        • Jeff C


        • Nick

          I lol’ed @ Nexus 5

      • No_Nickname90

        This is only if you download files.

  • Herp derpasaurus

    Still have poor 3G service on my street in suburban NJ

    • AmendFIRSTment

      wait, you mean New Jersey? that place is real?? I’m in CA and in our text books here there is just a black blob where NJ would be…wow, who new?

  • Jay Holm

    And what purpose is 40,50,…80mbps, when Verizon limits you to a measly 3gb/mo???

    • John Wentworth

      That’s why I just went on T-mobile’s $70 plan, I get the fast speeds and really unlimited data. I was streaming a dr who episode the other day waiting somewhere, reminds me of why I enjoyed smartphones so much when they first came out.

      The fun is back for me :) I forgot how much I stopped actually using my smartphone for fear of the cap when I went to teired data.

      Before you attack me, I know T-mobile’s coverage isn’t for everyone, but in NJ it’s really perfectly acceptable I always have at least HSPA+ and 95% of the time LTE in my area.

    • AmendFIRSTment

      Think of it this way, if everyone was on unlimited data then they would throttle all of us.. and those of us with unlimited wouldn’t feel so OP. You people on limited data help us out tremendously! Thank you for not going over your cap :) Come again!

  • No_Nickname90

    LoL!! Do you realize what you do with these speed test? The faster your data, the more you pull. It’s not going to test for 1 second. It’s going to test for like 5 seconds.

    So based on your picture, I’d say your average was 79MB. So that’s 79 * 5 = 395MB every test. Then you did 6 test, so that’s 2.37GB.

    You would have hit your cap on one of Verizon’s plans. =.=

    Yea, all that speed is useless. They just WANT people to hit them caps. LoL!!

    IDK… Doing the math always makes me laugh.

    • readdanielquinn

      Someone needs to learn the difference between megabits and megabytes…

      • No_Nickname90

        I want to go sit in a dark corner by myself. You are right. That is a little ‘B’.

        Every 8Mb is 1MB. So that’s just 10MB per second. No where near what my math was trying to prove. LoL!!

  • chino_93

    Its easy for some of these other garbage networks to offer 50+ mb/s when they only have half the customers of Verizon. And I’m sure if tmo or sprint were half the size of big red they would get rid of unlimited data too. They know however given their lack of network quality offering unlimited data is like offering candy to a 2 year old and its the only way they will get customers. I get 35-40 mb/s on vzw and can feel comfortable leaving town without dropping signal everywhere I go.

    • AmendFIRSTment

      Verizon must send you a check every month, or at least give you free service. If they’re not, then you gotta work on getting it all in.. relax your throat!



  • itmustbejj

    I routinely hit 40-45 mbps on Tmobile LTE on my Nexus 4 in my apartment.

  • master94

    Too bad the rest of the LTE towers in NYC seem to be over crowded. MY LTE speeds are only 2-5mbps and it drops a lot on my S4 and Droid Ultra. The good thing about having so many people on LTE is that my phones 3G speed has never been faster.

  • poly15

    Too bad it still takes me 10 minutes to download the 11MB speedtest app….. overcrowded midtown towers on verizon are AWFUL!

    • poly15

      After finally downloading speedtest is showing me 0.96 down and 0.23 up on 4G in midtown. Hope I get the above mentioned towers sooner than later. Might try Tmobile soon I hear its a bit better.

  • prairiedogn

    This is awesome news… I’m a tower climber and the more LTE upgrades the better and Verizon. is the best to work on.