Oct 15th, 2013


Blackberry Messenger for Android was supposed to launch near the end of September, but an unfortunate series of events caused that launch to be halted. If you don’t remember, a version of the app leaked with a big that put a ridiculous amount of strain on Blackberry’s servers.

That particular build of the app was never meant to be made publicly available, but Blackberry hadn’t implemented any integrity checks to make sure anyone connecting to the service was on the latest version. Thus, they needed to take a few extra weeks to implement said checks and to make sure they get it right.

It sounds like they could be close, though, as Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben has mentioned a launch was “days away.” This makes it sound like we won’t have to wait much longer than a week, but — technically speaking — “days away” could still be “weeks away.” We won’t get our hopes up just yet, but that’s where we are at this present time.

Boulben also reassured Blackberry fans  that they can count on Blackberry, and that the company is there to stay. That’s a bit odd, really, considering they’ve had to lay off tons of employees and are toying with the idea of selling their business off to the highest bidder. As much wool as they want to keep over people’s eyes, we can see right through it.

Still, they prefer to live in the here and now, so we’ll have to wait to see how all of this pans out in the weeks and months to come. As for BBM for Android, has your excitement (if there was any excitement in the first place) already subsided?

[via Reuters]

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