Blue HTC One coming to Sprint September 10th?

htc one blue

Once thought to be a Verizon exclusive, the blue HTC one is starting to spread its wings. A new Sprint roadmap has leaked, listing the rumored blue smartphone. If you want your phone to match your blue jeans, you might want to circle September 10th in your calendar.

Verizon’s version was previously rumored to be released on August 29th, but we doubt that will be the case anymore. Let’s wait and see if September 10 will be our date.

We will definitely stay tuned for more rumors and information. We will let you know if you hear anything! I am actually pretty excited for this phone and might buy it on Verizon. Are any of you signing up as well?

[Phone Arena]

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  • domatau

    seriously wtf, sprint again?

  • themuffinman75

    I am kind a shocked that sprint has more color options for the one than any other carrier.