NVIDIA SHIELD update brings Apps to SD, improved Miracast support and more



NVIDIA has announced the availability of a new OTA update for the SHIELD, the gaming handheld that they hope will take the handheld gaming and mobile world by storm in the months to come (read our NVIDIA SHIELD review to see if it has what it takes to do just that). This is software update “59,” bringing with it a few enhancements that should make a lot of people happy. For starters, you now have the ability to move app and app data to the device’s SD card, giving you a lot more storage to work with for downloading games and apps than what the SHIELD provides out of the box.

NVIDIA also improved Miracast support with streaming through Actiontec’s ScreenBeam Pro. Be sure you’re on the latest firmware — as of the time of this writing — to be sure everything works properly. Beyond all of that, NVIDIA is touting improved PC streaming stability, gamepad detection, and WiFi Performance, as well as support for more Tegra developer tools such as the Tegra CPU sampling profiler and the PerfHUD ES GPU analysis tool.

You’ll want to head to Settings > About SHIELD > System updates to pull it down, and be sure to visit NVIDIA’s website for more details from the release notes (particularly if you want to learn how to take advantage of the apps to SD feature or the included developer tools).

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  1. This is nice and all, but the MOGA Pro is a lot cheaper and works like a charm.

    1. So does my old xperia play.

      Course do either have pc streaming? games made specifically for them (fine, ok, the xperia play did, but single core when at the tim of release dual core was the norm?)

      1. That’s what makes MOGA so great: It’s versatile and can be used with almost any recent Android device. If your phone can stream games from a PC, MOGA will not get in the way.

      2. I don’t see the point of PC streaming imo, it’s only over wifi. If you’re at home, why not play on your PC?

        1. well, because, um, hmm, wait i got it, um, hmm. ….

        2. it’s not only WiFi, some of the users manage to establish Proxy/VPN to Stream the game via mobile network.

          Sometime general family members just don’t like to see you sit infront of the computers for extended hours.

          Hope you can see my point.

          1. yeah, but wouldn’t the game have to be running on the PC? That said family member couldn’t use the PC while you play. I don’t see the difference between sitting in front of the computer for extended hours or sitting on the couch with the shield in your hands (my wife sure wouldn’t). Anyways, different strokes for different folks :)

        3. so that nvidia can make even more money.

      3. Hopefully Shield will inspire xperia play2???

    2. Also more clunkly. Not to mention a smartphone plus moga is more expensive than the Shield.

      1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that anyone interested in buying the SHIELD would prioritize and already have a smartphone. Maybe the SHIELD can appeal to people who have a Windows or iOS phone, and are looking to try something new. It would be a cool way for them familiarize themselves with Android.

        Then of course they will realize how awesome our beloved OS is and then declare their next phone is going to run Android.

        1. Also smartphones have significantly inferior battery life. The battery life of the shield alone makes it worth it. Also many of the people buying the Shield are people who like games or people who have never owned a smartphone (like me).

          1. Well I recommend getting a smartphone before you get the SHIELD. You’re missing out! (imo) Unless of course, you already bought one.

          2. Smartphones cost too much.

          3. The Nexus 4 is now only $200 via Google Play with no contract.

          4. Lacks micro sd unfortunately.

          5. But no tegra 4 in it. Battery won’t last long when gaming…frame rates? …forget about it.

            $200 + controller and still way inferior product compared to shield.

          6. Not everyone can afford a dataplan. This is what Android needs to get the ipod market. It’s one of the reasons why games still come out on ios before android…if android gets them at all.

          7. Great point.. no more battery booster for me

    3. I like convergence. I don’t want to go back to the days where we needed to carry a pda, a cellphone to connect pda to the internet, a garmin for gps and an mp3 player.

  2. This device and idea will die soon. Way to expensive. My screen on my S4 is much better to game on and I can bluetooth a ps3 controller to it. Then you got MOGA.

    1. My MOGA controller was useless (1st version), pair with my S3, lag badly when playing emulators, Mario and SF2T is unplayable. Than i have my S4,pair it once, work decent but than pairing stop working. I’m very close to bin my MOGA. Also bought MOGA under impress NFS:Most wanted would support it guess i misunderstood.

      Yes, PS3 controller + SixAxis app is very good, but clipping or try to put device in and out, extra piece of gear putting them together is inconvenience. Need to do profile mapping for each game i play, it get annoying fast.

      Also interruption during games… i don’t want to answer to anyone when my car is speeding at 250km per hour in elimination mode. No o do not want to put aeroplane mode when playing games.

      And.. Battlefield 4… hehehehehehehheehehehehheheheheheheh i can play secretly beside my wife.. ho hoho hohohohoohoho

      1. Exactly. The last thing gamers need to deal with (especially mobile gamers looking to play during a few moments of free time) is another hack job.

  3. @Dan I set up a pr0xy on my shield from my home computer. Root access isn’t required. It let’s me stream skyrim to my shield while I’m at work. Its epic bro.

  4. Apps2SD?! It’s like 2009 all over again! Where’s my HTC Magic?!

    1. Google doesn’t seem to ‘get’ gamers. At least nvidia does.

  5. Shield is awesome! i prefer to have the whole setup, than having to get a seperate controller, then having to worry about charging the controller, and extra wires and accessories.

    Also, i can game and still have my phone ready, instead of having to go back and forth from game to phone. and there’s also the occasional calls you get which mess up your game too. Shields also badass for use with emulators!

    I think all the people who’ve said bad things about shield have not tried it. i’m sure they’re happy with their “bluetooth controller”, but i’ve got enough wires in my life!

    PC gaming wise, i dont’ always wanna sit at my desk playing games…wifey would be mad

  6. Really the shield sucks… just a android device with a controller u better off getting moga… shield didnt get any of gamelofts titles… dead trigger 2 nor Doa 2 released with it which makes em liers, sonic is cool but out dated expandables sucks no real fun android games for shield so mines collects dust…

  7. NVIDIA shield is because of the unique processing chip is Tegra 4 , and if you are a rich man , you definitely will have high spec computer , and you can stream computer games While lying in bed , and you can play on your tv screen so you feel satisfied ….But you have to remember NVIDIA shield specially designed for the rich ! ! !

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