Here’s the full 2 minute HTC Change ad with Robert Downey Jr. (and it’s absolutely crazy) [VIDEO]


HTC made their deal with Robert Downey Jr. official yesterday when they released a quick 30 second spot with the actor. Hell, an entire press release came along with it, letting us know what “change” meant for HTC and the mobile world, and why this new marketing campaign would be awesome for them.

While the jury is still out on all that, the first of many advertisements featuring (and inspired by) Robert Downey Jr. has hit the internet. This full 2-minute affair features a bunch of whacky different scenes inspired by all of the crazy collection of words that can be built out of the collective letters of HTC’s name. It’s all over the place. It’s crazy. It makes no sense. And that’s why HTC has our attention. Go ahead and take a look for yourself in the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hey HTC, “crazy” in this context means terrible

  2. wHo Thef#$k Cares – HTC :)

  3. booo

  4. Dude’s expression at the 45 second mark was my exact response as well.

  5. Holy Transgender Cows!!!!

  6. Honestly Terrible Commercial!

    1. lol, but look at what you and we’re all doing. but you’re right, this commercial is geared towards people like us. Regular people who sees this on tv won’t really think about the commercial once it ends. And unfortunately, that’s where htc needs to penetrate.

  7. I bet RD Jr. has held many cats…
    Honk The Cassavas

  8. Good for HTC hopefully this gets them back to being top 2. Competition for Samsung is good

  9. Hey That’s Crazy

  10. I thought it was excellent. A step forward with regard to American branding. May help them in the future with buyers who have never owned HTC before.

  11. You know… While it seems weird/crazy, the name “HTC” sticks. I guess that’s the important part; that people know their name.


  13. it makes no “sense”? maybe they’re trying to tell us the HTC two will have stock android… lol

  14. Heroin (is) Terribly Cheap

  15. Um, so I should buy their phones because of this?

    1. It’s about building brand awareness. Next time you go to the store and see an HTC phone, you’ll remember this ad. I guarantee it.

      1. Mostly I’ll remember my HTC Incredible, which is still a pretty good phone in its own right. Then, I’ll remember how they’ve lost their way for a few years and tried to regain it with this atrocious commercial. Then I’ll buy a Nexus.

  16. Love it. Then again, I’m (just a scoche) unstable to begin with so this just jives with my normal state of mind.

    Holy Toledo, Charles!

  17. Horde The Cake

    1. you might wanna take care of that on your own

  18. I feel like there money would be better spent at paying celebrities to carry around their phones, or even wear a hat that says HTC or something. I’ve never seen a Beats by Dre commercial, but I’ve seen plenty of celebrities wearing them as fashion accessories, and they sell those like hotcakes with huge price markeups. But what do I know. Im only a consumer.

  19. I don’t understand it, but I like it.

  20. Haha That’s Cool, “HTC”

  21. Horrendous Telephone Commercial, Still i like it!

  22. I likes it!

  23. Love it. Robert Downey Jr makes it. They guy is great.

  24. Huge Titty Chick

  25. Here’s To Crap

  26. High tech crap

  27. I don’t know what I just watched…

  28. Hot Turtle Soup

  29. Historically Titular Cameo

    1. That one’s a bit of a mind-bender.

  30. I hate commercials with a passion … but that was brilliant

  31. The cats out of the bag … Hide the Chickens

  32. hate those commercials

    1. i see what u did there…

  33. How To Choke -> quietly building another terrible phone.

    1. pooper lol

  34. I think it’s brilliant.

  35. nice, lol, “hold this cat”, so unexpected random

  36. Huge Toe Callus!
    Hide The Coke!

  37. HA! That’s Crazy!!! Love it!

  38. like Lori implied I am stunned that a single mom able to earn $8585 in four weeks on the computer. did you read this link w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

  39. What are the HTCs in the boxes? I get Hog Tied Clown, but not sure about others…

    H_____ Theater Critic?
    High Target Cheese?
    H_____ Ticklish Campfire?
    H_____ Tuba Concert?
    H_____ T_____ Cheerleaders?
    Hands Together Clapping?
    H_____ T_____ Chop?

    1. Hot Twin Cheerleaders? O_o

    2. Heckling Theater Critic?
      Hawaiian Tickle Ceremony (says it at the end)
      Hungarian Tuba Concert (says it at the end)
      Hot Tempered Cheerleaders (says it at the end)
      Hands That Clap (says it at the end)

      1. Oh I totally missed those at the end!

  40. AWESOME !!!!

  41. Huge Terrifying Cow ? Hate Those Cops ?

  42. Hide The Cheese!

    This commercial was randomly brilliant!

  43. Hold this cat? Mew cat to be kitten me right meow!

  44. Nothing special honestly

  45. HTC Here’s The Crap

    1. ROFL… dude you guys are crack me up with some of these acronyms

  46. sad commercial. At least not as sad as the samsung ads.

  47. Thats actually a nice commercial. Better than the Samsung ones by far.

  48. It WAS High Tech Computers
    That must have changed since the HTC 6800

  49. Looks kind of like this

  50. Huge tight camel-toe

  51. 1:14 Some Apple fanboys cleaning that car…

  52. showed a bit of boom sound and zoe, but they should’ve turned the video into a blinkfeed or something.

  53. How’s The Thunderbolt? Remember that piece of $hit? It is the one that put HTC out of the business.

  54. Hold This Cat….hilarious. Brilliant.

  55. this is a long way from hilarious.


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