Aug 14th, 2013


Google+ for Android has just gotten a pretty nice upgrade in the Google Play Store. First thing’s first — Messenger has finally been laid to rest. For good. It’s Hangouts now, and as Google’s Vic Gundotra put it, it’s “sticking around.”

Another big change in today’s update is the ability to switch between different accounts much easier. No longer will you have to sign out then sign back in. Instead, it’ll be similar to switching between accounts in Gmail, where you select the account in the sliding drawer or the drop down menu and get switched instantly. Pages you manage will also be in this menu.

To round things out, Google Apps for Business features are fully supported, you can access your Google Drive photos and videos from within Google+, and you are given more fine controls for location sharing (you can set it to pinpoint or city level, and you can change these settings for each individual circle).

Google says the app is rolling out in the Google Play Store over the next couple of days, so don’t have a fit if you can’t access the upgrade right away. When it is available for you, you can find your download over at the Google Play Store.

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