You can now sign-up to be notified of the arrival of Verizon’s LG G2


verizon lg g2 signup

Folks on Verizon who want to own the LG G2 will be happy to know that the company has made the sign-up page for the device live. This won’t get you anything but a (likely late) email letting you know you can buy it once it launches, but it does at least tell us that we’re fairly close to launch.

The G2 is a 5.2-inch full HD smartphone which houses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chipset, 2GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel OIS camera, and more. It should mostly be identical to all other versions of the G2, except for the obvious Verizon apps, logos and LTE radios sitting inside.

Unfortunately we don’t have a solid idea of when to expect the phone, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll be going far into the Autumn months to see it sitting on store shelves. Head to Verizon’s site to put your email address into the hat if you’re interested. Don’t forget to check out our hands-on time with the device here, and talk about the device with your peers over at AndroidForums.com.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Here’s the full 2 minute HTC Change ad with Robert Downey Jr. (and it’s absolutely crazy) [VIDEO]

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  1. Why did they have to announce the HTC one so close to me making my decision about choosing the S4 and now this? My upgrade is tomorrow! Can anyone help me make my decision? lol

    1. My opinion: not the HTC One. I’m an HTC fanboy (previous phones: Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, Thunderbolt, Rezound) — great build quality, HORRIBLE batteries. As much as I love HTC, I have to pass on anything they offer if I cannot change the battery.

      You could save your upgrade until all 3 have been released into the wild and test each one out — returning them within their 14 day window… then pick the one that works best for you.

      Have fun !

      1. That Sir, is a good opinion. I wish I wasn’t so impatient and could hold off. At this point, it is the most logical option. Also, the fact that I’ll be losing my unlimited data will force me to make the right decision because I’ll be stuck with the phone for a year. The 14 day window still has a restocking fee, correct?

        1. Just MO, but loosing your unlimited data isn’t really worth the subsidized price for phones. If you plan on using any type of audio/video streaming service, you’re better off keeping your unlimited data as long as possible.

          EDIT: Also I’m with Lactose on this one, don’t invest in a phone with a non-removable battery unless you can be certain it has stellar battery life, also it doesn’t hurt to check charge times. If the phone can’t have the battery swapped quickly then you’ll be waiting for however long it takes for the battery to charge back up. Not a problem if you charge it while you sleep, but otherwise it can be a pain.

          1. That is true. However for me personally, coming up with the full retail cost of the phone is a little harder to do :( But I guess that’s the problem with always wanting the latest and greatest. I could just suck it up with my gnex until I’m ready….

          2. @fernandomadrigal:disqus Yes, Verizon’s current restock fee is $35. I’m not giving up my unlimited account until they pry it from my hands… I use too much data and a comparable ‘Share Everything’ plan is a significant boost to my current monthly bill — whichever phone I get next (leaning towards Note 2) will have to be an unsubsidized purchase.

          3. Great point Del. My issue is this, LG makes the G2 in Korea with a removable battery AND a SD card memory slot. Why or who decided to limit both features for the American (Int’l) customers? We should not have to worry about battery or memory when buying a High End smartphone these days. Why did they introduce this change/limitation when it could only cause a limitation in sales? I just dont get the decision to limit the G2 as a way of helping sales for the phone for users that are looking to buy a high end smartphone. Someone please explain this to me. (you can tell I am VERY disappointed in the G2 we are to get,. I was ready to jump on it when first seeing the Korean version. Now, it appears they are forcing me to Samsung.

      2. I concur.. battery has always been an issue with HTC. Rezound and Tbolt here.

        1. Battery life Is an issue no matter what phone u use on Verizon. The constant switching between cdma, evdo and LTE reeks havoc on any battery. I bet the new LG will last 50% longer on gsm/hspa then vzw

      3. To be fair, my Evo LTE got better battery life than my current Nexus 4 gets now.

    2. I can help… Lose Verizon….

      1. Just went from Verizon to t-mobile. My family plan will save 4600 in 2 years, and that includes 4 brand new s4’s and unlimited data. I cant believe I stayed on Verizon that long

  2. No sd card slot, no replaceable battery. Also a fixed nav bar taking up .5″ of display, which functionally makes it 4.7″ for apps. This means a bigger device than the S4 that has a 5″ display with no fixed nav bar. Meh.

    1. people still say “meh”?

      1. buh

    2. but you can mod it(paranoid android) to be like a tablet nav bar and you can make it about the size of a status bar so you get the same screen size. and the way I see it, you get .5″ more screen because the navbar is there instead of buttons. and you can turn off navbar if you want in games and movies so I don’t mind it

      1. You can take it a step further if you’re using Paranoid Android. Just enable the Pie UI and you’ve unlocked all the screen real estate previously used by the Nav Bar and Notification Bar.

        1. I completely forgot about that. I gave it a shot a while back but its not the same with bezel buttons. I prefer a navbar or pie over buttons so I’ll probably get this as the nexus 5 is rumored to only have a 600 cpu

    3. if by .5 inches you mean .25 then yes, you’ll be knocked down to 4.95 inches in apps but 5.2 inches when watching video.

  3. Bummarggh, so it’s confirmed that wireless charging is a Verizon exclusive. What a dumb exclusive.

    1. So the Verizon will be the only one to have the connectors? Seems strange that they change up the make of the phone for an exclusive

      1. yea, the att version of the optimus g has an 8mp camera, and sprint has 13mp. strangely the 8mp had better pics according to a few reviews. they change phones a decent amount based on subsidy agreements with carriers. i just think wireless charging is a ridiculous exclusive. a lot of (nontechy) ppl don’t even know that’s a thing. unfortunately, after getting one for the nexus 7, it’s close to a deal-breaker (i’m on sprint). hopefully sprint will somehow have a removable back so i can throw on an inductive one

        1. So you enjoy the wireless charging? Ive heard mixed reviews. Is it 1A charging?

          1. i actually do, it’s pretty neat. there might be an actual need for it because my e4gt’s microusb broke, probably from plugging it in too frequently. wireless certainly isn’t as fast as wired, especially with qualcomm’s quickcharge 2.0 in s800 devices, but i like it – feels a lot more convenient. not great for a quick charge, but perfect for overnight. and samsung’s wireless charger for the s4 (which i bought cuz there was a 1/2 off deal) requires a 2A charger (i have from my hp touchpad) but i don’t know if it qualifies cuz i dono how much is lost via induction. but i never did well with circuits in physics, so maybe i just dribbled some bullshit

  4. Notification fees may apply.

  5. Since it’s Verizon expect it to release 4-5 months after all other carriers.

    1. only on certain OEMs that force bidding wars for release dates on phones.

  6. It might seem pretentious, but I don’t like the idea of having to plug in USB cords anymore just to charge. If it don’t have wireless charging or dock support, I’m not interested.

  7. You forgot to credit me for being the most amazing clairvoyant webernets super-sleuth and finding the link the other day. Ok, maybe not clairvoyant or a super-sleuth, but I did change up the HTC One address to be LG & G2 in it and figured it out. l33t h4x0r!

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      1. I’d like to punch you in the ovaries for spamming…right in the baby maker.

  8. Ok, you sign up and one of two things will happen. A) you will NEVER get an email or B) you will get an email weeks after the launch has happened. In most cases I never get the emails ever.

  9. Did anyone catch the “Thursday, October 3” date marked on the phone? I’m wondering what does that mean… is that the date we begin hearing about an actual release? Is that the date it is actually released? Verizon Wireless sickens my stomach.

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