Galaxy S4 “burn your apartment down” edition available in Hong Kong [EXPLODING PHONES]


We’ve heard our fair share of exploding phones story. They seem to get more outrageous each and every time. At one point, batteries simply ballooned, and the most damage a phone would do was leave a 1st degree burn mark on an arm or a leg, or burn through some bed dressings. Eventually, things started getting out of hand — glass would become shrapnel and cut earsl (OK, that story doesn’t actually count considering it’s fake, and all), and flames would jump 6 feet high, completely burning the thighs of innocent little Swiss girls.

Even that stuff doesn’t compare to the latest — this Hong Kong resident’s apartment was apparently burnt down by a Samsung Galaxy S4. No, the device itself didn’t produce enough heat to engulf the entire apartment in flames on its own, but the resident — simply mentioned as Du — threw the phone at his couch after the device spontaneously exploded. That wasn’t the greatest idea, though, because that small flame eventually lit the couch up, and the rest of it spread like wildfire.

According to the report, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was completely stock, with a stock battery, to boot. That part is important, because Samsung has a big reputation to uphold, as well as a whole lot of money it doesn’t want to have to shell out for repairs and legal fees. What do you say? Real? Fake? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[via The Register]

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  • Modman

    Insurance scam


      “insurance scam” yep, these are copy cats to possibly the first fatal iPhone electrocution… someone unfortunately dies and the scammers come out for full force lawsuits

  • Mike

    We will know soon enough as I read somewhere that forensics teams will be able to determine if it was in fact a Samsung battery. None the less I do believe this was just a simple case of insurance fraud in some way.

  • No_Nickname90

    It had a stock battery when you realized the aftermarket battery was causing issues. But at that time it was too late.

    Like really? A phone exploding like that? I don’t think so. I mean why would you throw the phone randomly? I mean, from what I’m getting the phone exploding in his hand and he threw it and apparently it caught on fire. The phone should have already been on fire at the time before he threw it.

    Flames don’t engulf that fast. I’m MORE than sure he had plenty of time to get some water and put them out. Or a sheet to deprive the flames of oxygen.

    I don’t get it. I call straight up BS.

    • phor11

      Well that may be more a function of the couch.

      Some couches go up like a match. But if that’s the case then the extent of the damage really isn’t Samsung’s fault, but rather its’ the furniture manufacturer we should be talking about.

  • MITM


  • Anthony McKay

    Samsung is going to be taking a lot of heat on this one.. but I’m sure these occupants will be no match for Samsung’s lawyers.

  • aznmode1

    Samsung s4 is the bomb!

    • PhoenixPath

      This Galaxy comes with it’s own Big Bang.

      • scoter man1

        but I wiped that app off when I rooted it and installed a custom rom!

    • No_Nickname90

      The Galaxy phones weren’t all that. Now it seems like they’ve blown up out of nowhere.

    • Kenn Brown

      Omg, that is hilarious dude!

  • Roaduardo

    Not sure what to believe. I’ve only used Samsung branded batteries for my current S3 but I’ve used aftermarket batteries for my old Note One and never had problems.

    • Chris Chavez

      I mean, I regularly swim with sharks and haven’t gotten eaten yet. *shrugs*

      Going with cheap, aftermarket batteries/chargers, and swimming with sharks doesn’t kill everyone — it only greatly increases your chances of something bad happening.

      • Roaduardo

        Haha… Stay classy Mr. Chavez.

        • Chris Chavez


  • Ryan O’Neill

    Why is it always the Samsung Galaxy brand phones that blow up (or are rumored of doing so)?

    • PhoenixPath

      Everyone’s always looking for the next Big Bang…

      • guitarist5122

        I think you mean Big Bucks

  • Jamen Lang

    Whew, it was completely stock. I’m safe!

  • John Ligons

    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t need water cause it will void the warranty of the phone.

    • No_Nickname90

      LoL!! Stahp.

  • Dan Fryling

    My S4 hasn’t exploded yet, where can I trade it for one of these exploding ones.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Why throw it on the couch and start the whole apartment on fire….Stupid is as stupid does

  • Marsg

    Hottest device of the year

  • Ae Tee

    not surprised. samsung accessories are not really up to par.

    i’ve got at least 2 friends who has got original Samsung battery bloat for no apparent readons. myself… my note 1, s3 and note 2 chargers all give out a hissing sound (samsung claims it’s normal) and need to adjust properly to get a good charge current.

  • Endoverend

    “What do you say? Real? Fake? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.”

    Anyone who suggests that they know whether this is real or fake based on the provided information is making a gross speculation.

    Lithium Ion batteries have had issues in the past. If one caught fire and it was thrown at a couch, I can see it being a problem for that couch (and items nearby). You can of course have a similar problem if you set a couch on fire and then place an innocent phone on it.

    We don’t know. Fanboys will speculate. I heard an iPhone killed a guy once. Cut his head clean off. Tragic. Won’t buy that brand anymore.

    • CPA01

      Fake. More likely he was smoking. Getting a plastic backed s4 to ignite fabric is far fetched. Getting a metal casing iPhone to conduct electricity is possible but unlikely.

      Guy is doing it for the money grab

  • DDroid45

    I trust no phone. That’s y its not safe to sleep next to any cellular device

  • HKer

    For those who don’t know… these kind of insurance sucks in HK. Hard to claim and only a little amount.

  • Marius Oprisan

    Don’t want to be rude, but playing games on a GS4 while charging is like summoning Hefaistos to burn your house down. It gets really hot after playing a game for half an hour, let alone charging it simultaneously. I’m pretty sure Samsung isn’t to blame, just like the rest of the reports where people used fake/counterfeit accessories.

    • HKer

      No, not truth. First the manual didn’t mention you can’t play game while charging. Second is those Sony, HTC and Apple users are always playing game while charging their phone using portable power source on the train.

      • Marius Oprisan

        It doesn’t need to be mentioned in the manual. It’s common sense not to play while charging if you see your phone gets hot like hell. I can’t even touch the screen after playing for half an hour, why would I be crazy to play when charging? The charger is working in vain when you play, battery won’t recharge, but deplete, as the consumption is higher than what the charger outputs and you stress the processor, thus reaching insane temperatures. I’m not even debating how could the house burn down. He probably stood there and watch while thinking Samsung would give him a new house. Guess he didn’t know water can put out a fire.

  • tupperware

    sam-sung crap

  • Tony Lai

    Apple and Samsung are trying to best each other… an iPhone can electrocute you where a Galaxy phone can burn you alive.

  • frhoward

    lol @ these comments. They are hilarious….

  • TechVoid

    Err. Maybe we should all stick to Nokia.

  • Caleb Loop

    Samsung is bad mmmkay.

  • Steve Milliamps

    Woowww, lol… I wonder if my extended battery blew up? Would if blow up my whole block? If that battery did the house in… I’m sure my incredicell battery could level my entire street, hands down… lmao,

  • mohit9206

    I have pre-ordered my”exploding edition S4″.You should pre-order soon as its only a limited edition phone.

  • tadzio

    S4 Dreamliner Edition?