Android 4.3 for the Google Play edition Galaxy S4 leaked, new camera app available for download

Android 4.3 Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition leak

If you needed any further proof that Android 4.3 was, in fact, real and headed to Android devices in the very near future, look no further than the leaked screenshots nabbed by SamMobile. What you’re looking at is test build of Android 4.3 (JWR66N) for the Galaxy S4 Google Play edition, running on a regular ‘ol Galaxy S4.

While we don’t know specifics involving the exact changes from 4.2.2. to 4.3, it’s said we could finally see Bluetooth improvements, as well as that new fangled camera application currently found on the Google Play edition HTC One and GS4 running 4.2.2. When it comes to the camera, that can already be downloaded/sideloaded onto your device like any other app. Works without a hitch on most devices.

Download: Google Play Edition Camera.apk

Guess OEM’s are already prepping 4.3 for their devices, and an announcement of some sort is imminent. We’ll keep an eye out.

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  • DavidVarghese

    Awuuhh yeah!

  • Tommy Thompson

    Since the camera app seems to work just fine(including photosphere) on non-stock devices I bet Goog plans on releasing it to the App Store like the keyboard, etc.

    • David Suarez

      Google sure is taking apart Android, letting everyone enjoy the best stock apps

      • Chris Chavez

        As should be done. This was my solution to the whole fragmentation issue from a looooong time ago. All apps (except settings) should be available in Google Play. Then people would complain less about their phones not having a “stock Android” experience.

        • Joseph Lagalla

          an official stock launcher would be nice too

        • Jordan Caviness

          would be nice if google made an Official Google Launcher which would allow you to have a stock launcher…keyword: Official.

          • Joseph Lagalla

            who posted that first O.O

          • JonANDROID

            Lmao… I think you did it first.. Lol

        • Jerel Butler

          could you send a link to that article I would like to read it

        • SuperChunk

          Excellent point. So long as the stock app is backwards compatible with previous versions of Android. I’d bet many times they use specific new SDK features from whatever new version of Android they ship with.

  • Woohoo

    Uhh…surely yall didn’t miss the SELinux section? This is a HUGE deal if it’s true. :)

    • Chris Chavez

      Wasn’t this introduced in Android 4.2?

      • Woohoo

        Not completely functional in AOSP builds, was always “missing” from the release…could manually configure and add since 4.1 I believe (would need to verify with the Android SELinux project folks on the 4.1 note) but contrary to a lot of speculation, SELinux has never been functionally enabled on any AOSP release from Google) that I’m aware of.

      • KrisDiss

        I was down with a cold and missed the class. What’s SELinux again?

        • Woohoo

          Security-enhanced linux. Pretty much when enabled on a Linux kernel, adds access controls etc. This is a ‘big deal’ in that it adds a lot of potential for stronger business adoption. It’s a HUGE deal in the security world. Rumor floating around is that “Samsung SAFE Knox” required this and is part of the reason why it was delayed…(waiting for it to officially be available in AOSP before they released it with the galaxy s4). If real, this will open up numerous opportunities for Android that were previously discounted. A “regular” user might not care, but for those that care about security, this is almost as good as it can get. :)

          • KrisDiss

            Cheers mate

  • Henners

    Thanks for this :) Works without any major issue on my completely stock HTC One. Even Photosphere!

    • Chris Chavez

      Nice! Can you see if “photo editing” works?

      • Henners

        Photo Editing in the “Google” Gallery app works without a problem. Which is great because the Sense 5 Gallery lacks some simple editing options.

        • Ryan O’Neill

          Thanks for pointing that out, I always assumed that editing options were limited to cropping and rotating. Up until now I’ve been using Snapseed, but it looks like Google has taken that app and incorporated all its features into the stock gallery. Woohoo!

          • Henners

            Yeah, the standard Google Gallery application is really handy when it comes to editing pictures. Lots of options and filters.

          • tomn1ce

            It’s a good thing they picked up snapseed last year and also good to know that they are finally putting it to good use. Now I hope that they fine tune the camera software of the Nexus devices and share the improvement with Motorola as well.

  • Anthony McKay

    That’s pretty cool

  • Dan Fryling

    Bring it on S4 user here.

  • Christopher Woodruff

    I just want Bluetooth 4.0 support. Doubt there’s going to be anything groundbreaking in 4.3

    • Chad Vincent

      Assuming 4.3 is API level 18, you’ll get Bluetooth Low Energy and AVCRP 1.3 support both. Also, Nexus 4 has been certified for Bluetooth 4, so that may be in there too.

      • Drew M

        This was the reason for switching to the Broadcom stack in 4.2.

      • Christopher Woodruff

        Hope so, Bluetooth LE is awesome and there are some great accessories out there that require it.

  • idongacha

    I’ve been waiting to try out photosphere. Does it also allow you to post in g+? Nevermind I’m downloading now.

  • Matt Wells

    Anyone have this running on Cyanogen 10?

    • Matt Wells

      So… if you open the “Root File Browser” and navigate to /system/app and rename “Gallery4.apk” and “Gallery2.apk” to .old.
      You can then install this on CM 10

      • Matt Wells

        Oh and open and close “Gallery” one time to get the Camera icon.

      • Go Hawkeyes

        I wish I could up vote more than once, thank you.

      • Elmo Prankster

        Oops put that in the wrong spot. Thanks Matt! Brilliant! +1

    • Elmo Prankster

      Brilliant! Thank you! +1

  • idongacha

    Yeah, works perfect. Thank you Google for giving me one feature I won’t regret not buying the nexus 4 for. On my galaxy 2 nonetheless.

    • Chris Eager

      I jumped from a SG2 to GNex 4. VERY happy with that decision…just a little salt for you to rub in that wound :))

  • AuXroid

    I have 4.2.1 on my GNex … is this app any different, offer improvements?

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      You also ought to try to update to 4.2.2, for the sake of your battery, but I can’t talk, the carrier has me back at 4.1.2, on GNex, N7 is at 4.2.2.

  • ljhughes8

    Where the burst mode.

    • Michael Villalobos Gomez

      sadly there is no burst mode

      • PhoenixPath

        This is my main missing feature from Sense…miss the hell out of it.

        • Shishir Tandale

          What? Sense has burst mode. Just hold down the shutter button.

          • PhoenixPath

            I worded that wrong:

            I had Sense. I installed the GPe ROM on my HTC One. I no longer have Sense. Burst Mode is the only feature I still miss.

            Sorry about the confusion.

  • irishrally

    Nice leak Samsung to quiet the update haters.

  • Marsg

    I just hope we get 5.0 this year, it will be 2 years this fall since the last major upgrade to 4.0, would be a bummer if we only got a small update to 4.3 with a few new features and bug fixes.

  • marhensa

    here’s the easy one, a FLASHABLE ZIPs.


    tested. all features are working.

  • IronHorse01

    Got it works flawlessly, thanks!
    I like this and the Google gallery a heck of a lot better than the camera app stock that comes on the htc one

  • Satwik Kamatmehbro

    will this work with gingerbread?

    • Sean Royce

      Why on earth are you still on gingerbread? I mean, at the point, I would have upgraded, or rommed it a million times.

      • Satwik Kamatmehbro

        valid point.

        • Sean Royce

          You still didn’t answer why you are still on gingerbread :P

    • Garo.j

      It’s time you upgrade your
      Two year old device. No it will not work on freaking gingerbread. !!!

      • Satwik Kamatmehbro

        haha im just waiting out for the note 3 :) my contract ended like a week ago :) I was hoping to throw this on my gb device until then if it was at all possible. Thanks though!

        • Garo.j

          HaHa i am reading this on my
          Nexus 4 with jelly beans 4.2.1.:-) :-) :-)

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            For the sake of your battery, update to the 4.2.2 last bug fix. Great price performance N4, even if getting dated in screen, graphics processor.

  • tushar_mishra

    doesn’t work on my one x 4.1.1 :(
    wanted to play with photosphere…!!

    • rstat1

      Well no it wouldn’t Photosphere needs 4.2 or 4.3

      • Chimphappyhour

        Nope, photosphere works fine on my Note 2 which is running 4.1.2 if I remember correctly.

      • MichaelTolly

        I have 4.1.2 on my original Note and Photosphere works perfectly.

  • SuperChunk

    oooh excited. I have a Nexus4 and know it will come quick.

  • chuckles87

    Well aside from the camera app I will try to get it to work tomorrow I have the wallpaper and boot animation on cm 10.1 I just about have a Google edition s3

  • Albert Orange

    Installed fine on my GS4 Active.

  • kc

    Works fine on my Tegra3 One X with 4.1.1 except for the photosphere feature. Though the settings UI looks good, its not very convenient choosing options only on the basis of Icons.
    Also, lets say i choose the night mode accidentally. After i click on night mode, the settings menu collapses and goes back to the camera viewfinder. Now to change the scene mode, i would have to navigate all the way back to the scene selection sub menu. Instead it would be more user friendly if even after changing a setting, the settings menu persists and one can exit by clicking anywhere outside the menu or on the settings icon, the way it works in Sense and Touchwiz camera apps.
    Just my opinion, does anyone agree?

  • Brian

    Thanks, works fine on my HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE!

  • Chad Torres

    How do you make it save to the sd card? My pics/vids go right to phnes drive and I cant find a setting. Galaxy S3.

    • Dan

      *disregard post

      • Chad Torres

        My stock cam has always gone to the SD card. The google apk has no setting for this.

        • Dan

          yeah I responded too quick, my bad :) couldn’t delete post

  • jcano19

    not a fan of it.. the video quality is wack.. i prefer the camera that came with my S4

    • tomn1ce

      I just hope that Google fine tune it’s camera and it’s camera software to be as good or better then the other OEMs..

  • Chimphappyhour

    Sooo happy! Installed just fine on my Note 2 and photosphere works! Nice to have the stock app back.

    • James Diethrich

      How did you install it? It’s not letting me :/

  • Jmaxku

    It’s strange that the gradients are back in the settings menu. They were specifically removed in favor of true black in 4.2.2 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe.

  • TheHowiie

    Looks really nice and works well too. Loving the Holo over TouchWiz.

  • Mr. Smith

    I sure hope 4.3 brings something to the table besides bt and a camera app

  • fredphoesh

    The camera does not work properly. The image is rotated -90 degrees, so panning right, the image goes up, tilting down, the camera pans left… and the image is on its side… impossible to use :(
    I am using SGS4 Intl with Omega (a non CM) rom.

  • Ckburks

    Still doesn’t have landscape photo option that I can find… Anyone have a apk of the 4.1 camera?

  • Cesar Ortiz

    Wow !!! Chris! you are my hero!! loving the camera and Gallery!! (:

  • Felecity

    Wow. I am VERY grateful for this apk! The stock gallery and camera on the Note 2 were cumbersome. For instance, the gallery would take AGES to load, if at all. I’d have to exit and go back in, in hopes that it would finally load. None of these issues with this apk! This camera will allow you to take a photo by pressing the volume keys!

    Major props. Thank you.

    • Aiden

      I run my gallery off my external SD card which should make it slower but it’s not so I’m kind curious why your Note 2 is so bad. Mine is perfect and runs great.

      • Mark Slavin

        My stock Note 2 (LTE) gallery is really slow too. No such problems with this one.

  • Ryan Wick

    Won’t install on International Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2 (JDQ39) :(

  • Michael Hubrich

    The camera works fine but the video is really bad on my Sprint GS4. Looks like it’s VGA quality.

  • Indy_Medic

    Great so now the whining and complaining can begin for those demanding the latest software on their two year old phones.

  • cjn52

    So what is the big thing with photosphere? Looks like a regular old panorama to me

  • cjn52

    So what is the big hub bub about photosphere

  • cjn52

    What is photosphere?

  • jfelts

    What are the differences between the old and new video player that installed with the apk?

  • jfelts

    Where is the same photo editing that is on the S4? Such as picture in picture dual shot, or audio with photo?

    • Gibz

      Does that even come with the Google Play Edition? Seems to like it’d be pointless to get the device if you lose all those features…

  • kimLJT

    appreciated Chris. Working fine with my GT-I9305 (S3-LTE) including photosphere / gallery and photo editing. Really like the way swiping for previews and swiping up for ease of deletion :).

  • jfelts

    Where is the apk for the non Google Play edition? I’d love to have the audio in picture and dual front and back capabilities.

  • Goro ki maro

    Any hints of a changed bluetooth driver? They were talking about bringing in BLE support

  • Steve Wahl

    My Nexus 10 running Cyanogenmod 10 doesn’t like it at all. Keeps saying that it can’t connect with the camera.

  • Steve Wahl

    Just rebooted twice. Works great now.