T-Mobile schedules July 10th press event, prepares to show you their “boldest moves yet”


tmobile invite press event

Better hold onto your butts, boys and girls. Seems T-Mobile is getting ready to unleash a world of hurt on the mobile industry if this press invite is any indication. You’ll notice from the invite that, of course, not much information was given (not a device silhouette, nothing) — only something T-Mobile is teasing as their “boldest moves yet.”

New devices? Probably. New rate plans? Maybe. No one can say for sure, but after reports that T-Mobile will soon post their first subscriber gains since 2009, they’re probably feeling pretty good right now. Let’s just hope Carly will be in attendance and there’s lots of leather. We’ll keep you posted.

[via TMoNews]



Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I guess I’ll be waiting till July 10th to make my final decision on which carrier to switch to. gah!

  2. how about a 4g launch? just sayin…

    1. pretty sure its been launnched for a while

      1. haven’t officially announce it might seem fact seeing as hspa+ has pretty decent speed to begin with… that be the best news next to lower prices for me

        1. fast not fact lol

  3. Well I tell you what they better change there position on there ” Value Plans ” or that ship is gonna start sinking………

    1. You mean that they stopped offering “Value”?

    2. change position how? why? confused on why’d the ship would be sinking b/c of that when it has the cheapest prices.

    3. Care to explain? Your post makes no sense as-is.

  4. It’d be nice if they get Google to allow 4G again on the N4 (I know, I know… it never officially was but it was disabled to the point of having to keep old software if you wanted to use it unofficially).

    To me that’d be more bold than announcements about plans. Just my opinion though

    1. The Nexus 4 would have to go back through FCC is that were to happen.

      1. True, I was just wishing anyway. But hey, if they wanted to do it for me then I’d make a trip to the FCC for them to approve my device ;-)

        1. If you find yourself with some young Dane you will have to do her with your ding a ling because you can’t say penis…. Screw the f&(:@n FCC.

  5. ok folks here is a question….Catherine-Zeta Jones from old skool Tmobile…or….Carly from New Skool tmobile? who would you rather? and both is not an option…

      1. because!!!!!…I said so. -_-

    1. Ummmmmm, Carly and Catherine, some leather and ……… Giggittty…… I need to stop now. Gigggiytttyyyyyy. Ummmmmm

      1. no.no.no.no! cant be both! u r ruining the game >

        1. how could both of them ruin any game (drool) that has win smeared ask over it :-p

          1. all over it I mean lol

    2. why torment itself
      .. shoot for the three way >:-)

    3. Catherine Zeta Jones, she dips beneath the laser…….

      1. Nice butt shot :) good movie

    4. Carly, I don’t want a woman that Michael Douglass has been all over lol

      1. OK What about Maureen Dowd?

        1. No idea who she is….just looked her up….seriously bro? lol No comparison. Carly is smokin’ this woman looks like she’s 60!

  6. maybe new Samsung BehOLD? :-)

    1. Free Galaxy Note 3 to everyone named Robert….
      Fingers crossed……..

      1. my middle name is Robert….

        1. And I can change my name right now!! ;p

  7. hoping the acquisition of the metro pcs customers and added spectrum will give them leeway to lower their prices even further

  8. I know!

    Robotic Frisbee dogs!

  9. They will be announcing new phones and probably LTE will be going live officially as the new phones all support LTE.

  10. They are going to upgrade their network finally?

    1. Dont hold your breath…theyre not the 4th largest carrier by mistake…I mean u have to work very hard to offer inferior coverage in the wake of so much conpetition and not blink…

  11. Voice Over LTE/LTE only plans, maybe?

  12. Maybe they will give us a unlimited Talk,Text,Data 39.99 LTE plan. Ha wishful thinking lol

  13. What they are going to stop blocking Google wallet

  14. “Followed by Happy Hour.” :)

  15. Are we sure it’s not just a new Blackberry Bold?

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