Google has Chrome Mobile “special events” coming June 7th and June 13th, but what are they?

Google had a lot to say about Chrome in its Google IO keynote a few weeks ago, but the mobile version of the awesome web browser didn’t get quite as much love. Perhaps there was a reason for that — Google wanted to save those particular megatons for a later date. The company has recently published details regarding two different Chrome Mobile “special” events.

One is slated to begin June 7th at 1PM eastern, while another is coming June 13th at 11AM eastern. Google doesn’t give us any sorts of hints as to what we can expect from these events, but we do have somewhere solid to start. The first thing to note is that these streams are being hosted on the Google Developers site. We don’t want to read too much into that too fast, but these announcements must be developer-centric.

Could Google be dropping info about extensions support for mobile? Are we getting new HTML5 features? Will the mobile and desktop experiences finally be fully merged? We’ll just have to wait until the aforementioned date before all of that is either confirmed or debunked. Be sure to circle back as we’ll definitely be tuned in for each of them, and will be bringing you guys everything that might come from the peculiar events.

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  • cammykool

    closer chrome and android integration?
    i wouldn’t mind that

  • Jeff Saul

    Chrome that doesn’t lag would be great

    • Mr. Smith

      My chrome does not lag

      • james ortiz

        you probably use armoral then.

        • DarkUFO

          Just stock Android 4.22

        • Mr. Smith

          I was on stock like two weeks ago no lag now I’m on paranoid ROM also no lag nexus 4

    • sean carey

      SERIOUSLY! I never use it because of how slow it is, and then when i do, i wonder what the hell i was thinking. wish i could remove it from my phone without rooting (stupid droid razr maxx is a b!tch to root apparently).

    • fechhelm

      It’s super smooth on my GS3.

  • DarkUFO

    Mobile Extensions would be great. Being able to use LastPass and other extensions would be sweet.

    • RitishOemraw

      but will it add to the lag?

      • DarkUFO

        @RitishOemraw:disqus I don’t have any lag on my Nexus 7 or Nexus Galaxy running Chrome. It’s very very smooth

        • RitishOemraw

          hmmm on my Galaxy nexus it could use a speed boost…it’s not slow, but the previous stock browser ran a lot smoother than chrome does.

  • flyinggerbil

    quick. controls. would. be. great.

  • Mr. Smith

    Have nothing said nothing anything about 4.3

  • james ortiz

    are they going to fix Google chrome for android? I think an internet explorer for android will work better.

    • DarkUFO

      Works fine for me

  • shelderman

    Nothing to do with chrome but does anyone know when the new gmail gets released?

    • sean carey

      more interested in that too. but when new gmail was released it just said “soon” the app will update. so probably a few weeks

  • sean carey

    4.2 for my lowly razr maxx?

  • Itchy_Robot

    Probably something about new privacy integration … I know Google has been fighting hard to keep the govt out of our data. Maybe they have a new encryption method for these services?

  • Cory Skelton

    Are you guys REALLY using Chrome? Because at work (because IT blocked it) I was able to get Chrome onto like 6 of the computers I work on (call center) and I never use IE because it freezes the whole computer and when I try to access digital content via Google Play it throws a fit. Chrome however is blazing fast on it and only when my client freezes will Chrome freeze.

    On mobile, Chrome on my GS3 is by far the best browser other than Dolphin, I have tried Next Browser and one other during the past 8 days and deleted both after a couple hours.

  • Jay Lewis

    I have never had any lag with chrome on any os. I would use a tablet more if extendions would work on chrome mobile.

  • vaibhav magar

    these events are about the chrome apps Racer and Rollit…