AT&T, US Cellular now taking Galaxy S4 pre-orders

In case you’ve forgotten, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is just about ready to be unleashed to the citizens of the United States. At least two carriers, Ma Bell — better known as AT&T — and the lesser-known US Cellular, have started accepting pre-orders for the device. This means we’re awfully close to a release date, but we’re still not sure exactly how close to a release we are.

Yesterday, a Staples document suggested the device would be launching April 26th, but AT&T’s site is showing a ship date of April 30th. Without a more pointed release date from the horse’s mouth in the form of a statement or press release it’s best not to hold the carrier to either date. As for US Cellular, its pre-order page for the device says shipping is slated to begin approximately four weeks from today.

That’s a month long wait, and it’s not too bad considering how late we’re used to seeing the flagship line on the carrier (and in the US in general). Dates are all over the place for now so until we get a cold, hard sell on one we’ll just patiently wait knowing that it shouldn’t be too much longer than 2-4 weeks until we’re able to get our hands on Samsung’s next big thing. Head to AT&T and US Cellular’s sites (they cost $200 on a new two-year contract) if you want to stake your claim to one.

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    Good news that the $199 contract price held up once again.However,some will be disappointed
    that the only option ATM is a 16GB version.

  • simpleas

    phone looks slick!

  • Jayshmay

    Sure would be nice to know when Tmo is taking pre-orders.

  • Philly Jim

    My neighbor is on AT&T he’s heard me talk about my S3 so much that when I told him the S4 was up for per order he asked me where , so I drove him to the closest at&t store where the manager disputed the fact that they where available until I pulled up this ad , then he checked and now my neighbor is awaiting his first Android ……….. my first convert ………….he’s already asking me about if I can root and rom his phone , I was like slow down big fella ya gotta crawl before you can walk…………..Yeah Buddy………..; )

  • smithj33

    I was going to finally make the apple to android switch and then I saw this screen comparison. Ill have to see it in person. Disappointing that oled still not very competitive IMO.

    • AmericanPatriot4

      Those are laughably inaccurate.

      • smithj33

        What makes them inaccurate?

        • ClayRogers

          In those shots the One and S4 look the clearest, exactly as they should be. The pictures however are a bit pointless since they appear to be taken through a microscope, not the same image the human eye would see.

        • AmericanPatriot4

          Taking a photograph of a display screen doesn’t represent the overall viewer quality, and it’s not constructive to line up a bunch of them and judge based on said photographs.

          The different technologies in each display have their pro’s and con’s.

          • smithj33

            I get it but white background should typically be white. That’s why I need to see it in person and compare it to my iPhone. The S3 was a terrible screen IMO. I tried to like it but couldn’t. I really hope the S4 looks better once I get one in my hands.

          • AmericanPatriot4

            You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but the S3 screen is amazing and just as top notch quality as the rest of the flagship phones out there.

    • Thomas Vales

      Don’t even worry about it man. My Note 2 has a great screen with its only shortcoming being visibility in sunlight. But as for clarity, it looks great.

    • Ian

      Are you really going read your screen through a micro scope?

  • socalrailroader

    “lesser-known US Cellular,” That depends on what part of the country you’re in :)