AT&T site shows April 30th ship date for Samsung Galaxy S4


AT&T’s landing page for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been updated with a few more details on when the phone will be available from the carrier. The handset is now listed with an April 30th shipping date. For some folks who have already been able to pre-order their device, a delivery date of on or before May 3rd seems to be the consensus.

While we have been unable to initiate the pre-order process ourselves, those who have confirm that the Galaxy S4 will be available in both White Frost and Black Mist and the 16GB model will retail for $199 on a new two-year contract. It appears the pre-order has only gone live for customers in certain regions (either that or AT&T jumped the gun and has since halted orders).

The date on AT&T’s site contradicts info out of retailer Staples. Yesterday it was reported that the store expected to begin selling AT&T’s Galaxy S4 on April 26th. While that is still a possibility, it seems unlikely that official pre-orders would ship later than third-party retail availability.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I could preorder the s4 on my phone using the mobile site as early as 11:30pm Central. I still can’t see the preorder page on my PC however. Only 16gb available for now, according to AT&T reps 32gb will be up later today.

    1. NICE!

  2. Can’t wait to receive my HTC ONE, screw anybody else and they comment

  3. I’m going to pass on the S4 simply because a lot of the new features the S3 will get in a update. Plus I’m holding out til the G pro comes out.

  4. Screw the 16GB version, I wonder if T-Mobile will have the 32GB S4 available for pre-order??? Hopefully we’ll know sometime in the next 7-10 days…

    1. yea that was a bummer to see, with my S3, 16gb filled up fast! Probably not be till June or so when they release the 32 I would think, but with the S3 seemed to take forever.

  5. great phone can’t wait to get mine

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