Dungeon Hunter 4 arrives in the Google Play Store


If you’ve been itching for a new RPG to play on Android Gameloft has another sequel to one of the more attractive series on Android. I’m talking about Dungeon Hunter 4, of course, and it’s now available in the Google Play Store. The title sticks with the freemium model that’s become so popular (or unpopular, depending on who you are) in the mobile landscape as of late, but it promises to deliver an engaging experience for anyone looking for some substance.

It’s a dungeon crawling RPG that you can go alone, cooperatively with other players, or head-to-head in the game’s player vs player areas. You’ll be battling monsters and demons with some pretty ridiculous weapons and building your character up along the way. It’s worth a try even if you fear the freemium model sucking the life out of your coldest of bones, so give it a try in the Google Play Store if you’re looking for some entertainment.

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  1. Which one is less greedy with their iaps.. Dungeon Hunter 4 or Eternity Warriors 2?

    1. I wouldn’t say greedy. It’s a full fledged game being offered for free. I just gave Dungeon Hunter 4 a spin and it seems okay in regards to in-app purchases. Right now you can purchase items and gear with a LOT of coins, or a few gems (in-app purchases). I guess it just depends if you want to take it slow, or powerup your character fast and make it easy.

      1. Thanks for the reply Chris. Lovin the graphics and lovin how deep the customization can get. Mind you this is all before I spent about an hour with the game so. Either way, good to hear that it’s a full fledged game waiting to be discovered.

      2. Heres a review I read “There is absolutely no way to obtain more health potions without paying up or waiting until the next day, making the game either impossible to progress in or very expensive very quickly. Either way, it’s a broken design and should not be played by anyone with respect for their own time.”

  2. I’ll only install to leave 2 star rating for being a freemium game.

    1. You’re upset that this is a freemium? ALL RPG’s on a computer that are free to play are like this. Why would you expect this to be any different?

      Just accept the fact that there are some people who play mobile games hardcore style. Not everyone can afford a gaming PC.

      1. There’s nothing worse a half-not-finished game. And that most freemium games do to those who doesn’t want to waste real money for the virtual currency, that you can up very quickly in RPG if you go a wrong way. When you buy a fully priced game with full experience, you buy it with the whole universe of choices! You can even start over, and it won’t cost you any additional dime.

  3. Going to give this one a try since I really liked the 2nd installment, but I fully expect to be stuck in the game eventually due to lack of in app purchases

    1. Yeah, if you try and keep it free, I don’t see how someone could get really far unless they invest a lot of time into gathering coins.

      1. RPG’s play like this on computers though. I mean, I know it sucks, but I actually expected that. LoL!!

  4. invest the free gems and wait for the 25 gem offer for the 10% xp and coins. they do pop up item offers cheaper from time to time

  5. Dang it!! I just downloaded Arcane Legends and have been playing that. Grr!! I can’t play more than one RPG at a time.

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