AT&T, Boingo announce hotspot deal for international data users

There aren’t many people who have the need to pay AT&T upwards of $120 a month for 800MB of international data, and those who do probably don’t enjoy having to. The pot has just been sweetened a bit, though, as AT&T and Boingo have announced an agreement that will give AT&T’s international data customers a pool of WiFi hotspot data to use in select airports around the world.

International data users — regardless of which plan you’re on — will get 1GB of data for free at airports and other Boingo-enabled places in Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, New Zealand and more. A full list of countries and the data bands they support can be found here. There are quite a few there so you should be comfortable wherever you may be going, but in the off chance your country of choice isn’t supported, well, enjoy those 300-800MB of exorbitantly priced data.

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  • mhmmd123

    Humm.. I thought All the smartphone connect to any Wi-Fi anywhere without any charges ! Not just on AT&T and Boingo only.