AT&T 4G LTE heads to Cleveland, TN; Augusta, GA; and more

After being awarded the “fastest 4G LTE network” crown by RootMetrics, AT&T is looking to spread that good signal to several more areas in the south. The Texas-based carrier has announced an expansion in Williamsburg, Virginia, as well as fresh new launches in Cleveland, Tennessee; Augusta, Georgia; and “Middle Georgia” including Macon.

It’s not the most elaborate or wide-spread launch we’ve seen from Ma Bell but these are some pretty important markets, and we’re always happy to see more cities added to the list. Grab your phone, tablet, hotspot or what have you and see for yourself if RootMetrics’ claims are anything to dispute.

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  • lawrence mcatee

    i’m glad I work for att, mainly because we get the one but our data tech is so much better designed than verizon.

  • Loren Railsback

    Still not in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Second largest city in indiana. :/

  • Adam Dillard

    Good ole small town of Athens, Ohio turned live yesterday as well

  • Philip Chong

    AT&T is not the pricing leader. Say no to big company. They are not good!