Watch Samsung’s Galaxy S4 announcement live tonight at 7PM EDT


With the Galaxy S4-shaped cat out of the proverbial bag, the only thing left is for Samsung to officially “unpack” the device in front of a crowd of press and special guests tonight at Radio City Music Hall. You can be there, too, in the form of this very live stream, provided by Samsung via their YouTube page. Everything kicks off at 7PM EDT. After checking out the announcement, be sure to stick around Phandroid for our coverage direct from the event!

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  1. I’m ready

    1. Me too. Bring it on, Sammy!

  2. still surprised they would wait till 7pm to make the announcement. 10am is usually a good time. I guess they’re trying to get as much real time press as possible from outlets even on the west coast.

    1. Yea. I was surprised by the time to. My shows be coming on at that time. =.P

      1. come on, man… you can record “Entertainment Tonight” just this once :p

        1. Alas, I have class at 6pm. Grr!! But I will make it my destiny to watch the unveiling when I get home.

  3. Is this going to be a video of the event, or it’ll be a few people in a studio, talking about the event and reading their tweets live?

    1. It’s going to be a live stream just like unpacked 2012. I got to live stream it at work lol, it was awesome. This year will be no different!!!

      1. I read that as ‘liv’ instead of ‘l-eye-v’. So I didn’t know what you were talking about. LoL!!

  4. I prefer watching porn.

  5. I’ll be in class. So I’ll just watch the leftover videos. I don’t think I’ve ever watched something live, but I’m afraid of streaming issues. I would be mad if I miss something and have to wait for the ENTIRE show-cast to end before I can watch what I miss.

  6. I’ve been waiting impatiently for this unveiling but please Samsung, for the love of God release a Galaxy S device that doesn’t look almost exactly like every other one. You’ve been a game changer in basically every other department. It’s time for a new look.

    1. What’s the point of changing the look just for the sake of changing the look? Apple and Samsung stick with what works.

    1. thats nutty!

  7. So 5pm California time?

      1. ty

  8. My body is ready.

  9. woohoo

  10. Why? It’s just a phone and texting machine for youngins.

    1. They you’re on the wrong site.

      This is “phandroid”, not “grumpy old dudes”.

      Now get off my grass so I can see…

  11. I love Samsung!

  12. its too cold to be standing around in time square

  13. can’t wait!

  14. I live in germany, so ill be watching this with my s3 in bed tonight at 12am. excited

  15. This reminds me of the movie scene from Annie.


  16. I will bet the little boy comes out, opens the box, and a bunch a fluff comes out.

  17. gees they take their time!! hurry the fark up already

  18. One thing I know is I’ll never buy a phone with a physical home button, or any physical button for that matter.

    1. I agree. I rooted my S3 and use onscreen buttons and deactivated the hard keys.

    2. Why the hate of physical key? O.o

  19. Man, they sure are taking their sweet time.

    1. Samsung, where 7pm doesn’t actually mean 7pm. Maybe they redid the clock and the whole space time continuum.

  20. Jesus lets friggin go already

  21. is this the oscars or a smartphone unveiling? hurry up

  22. let’s see this so the letdown threads can begin

  23. at the hype

  24. Wooooo GS3.5!!!!

  25. I feel bad for making fun of Apple fans for the past 3 years. :-(

  26. WOW, how awkward. from the not being able to understand the opening broken chinese to the douche in the black suit begging for applause to the annoying acting. what a shitty presentation. galaxy nexus user and apple hater here. they should be embarrassed.

  27. this phone is going to sell like hot pancakes at ihop

  28. nope amoled is not superior to lcd, i call bs on that, idc who dont agree

  29. This is not a good presentation. This is the first one I’ve ever watched, from now on I’ll wait and read about the good stuff afterwards.

    1. yeah this is horrible

  30. Wish they would just tell us the vital information instead of acting it out

    1. I feel like I am watching a late night infomercial….Who approved this. I still like the phone but I am ashamed to be watching this.

  31. Lol So how long until they have CM on this thing?

  32. Looks like the same models as before.. sticking with my iPhone…

    1. Heaven forbid someone use the same design for their phone 2 years in a row. How’s that iPhone that has barely changed since 07 again?

  33. I have the Samsung Galaxy s2 and it would be a nice upgrade for me, but the un-necessary stupid acting and the fake enthusiasm. its making it difficult to watch

  34. Yeah the acting is a little over the top, they probably could of gone without it.

  35. haha no one is clapping

  36. That presentation sucked

  37. Wow! When I wave my hand over the phone, I sure hope it thinks that I am not the droid it is looking for.
    When I am looking at girls, I am sure glad the video I am watching pauses. I will NOT be running out to spend $699 for this feature. VERY happy I have a Nexus 4!

  38. Chris, I hope you go out and get some drinks in order to forget that presentation. WOW!

  39. I positively enjoyed Samsung’s theatrical unpack event.

  40. I am veeeeeery happy. This was beautiful! Thank you Samsung this was absoulutly wonderful :D

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