HTC Mini is a mini phone… for your smartphone [VIDEO]

The folks at HTC realize that some people aren’t comfortable with using a huge phone. With the explosion of the “phablet” market in recent months, many folks are steering well clear as they fear that holding a 5+ inch slate up to their heads will make them look more ridiculous than a bear dressed up in a cowboy outfit.

Well, in order to make the HTC J Butterfly, the international version of the DROID DNA, more attractive to those who prefer to talk on smaller devices the OEM has started offering the HTC Mini. It’s a small, NFC-equipped Bluetooth handset that is meant to accompany your smartphone. It’s built like an ordinary cordless candybar phone that you might find inside a home, but it’s actually just a glorified Bluetooth handset.

Some people might not think it makes much sense to carry yet another deice to solve the problem of the original being too cumbersome, but if you simply want something more comfortable to fit into your jeans while the phone sits inside a bag or purse then I guess this is for you. Unfortunately it looks like the device is exclusive to China for now, but hopefully it gains enough traction and attention to get HTC to offer it in all markets.

It sounds as if HTC’s willing to bundle these with the purchase of new units instead of requiring separate purchases, so if you happen to be in the market for a a J Butterfly in the near future then you might as well ask about how you can get one of these to go along with it. You might not be able to understand everything in the video above, but it’s easy enough to follow along — hit the play button and give it a quick viewing.

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  • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

    If the bluetooth handset has NFC, does that mean HTC can go back to making metal phones (since NFC cannot work through metal)?

    • camelsnot

      works through metal… derpyderpsOL

    • DarrenR

      How does that make any sense?

  • bakdroid


  • Chimphappyhour

    Yo dawg! We heard you like cellphones. So we got a cellphone to talk on while you’re talking on your cellphone!!!!

    • scoter man1

      Damn, beat me to it.

    • Alu Zeros


    • KOLIO

      Of course you know HTC is already @ work on the next generation of this,a phone for your phone for your smartphone:

    • Xavier Spruill

      Is this going to be like inception… A cellphone for your cellphone’s cellphone. Would that be the HTC Nano?

  • JaswinderSinghJammu


  • tyler

    The Chinese have small hands

    • Jamille Browne

      Thats not the only small thing the chinese has bahaha

      • SuperMarino

        national debt?

  • Nathan Bryant

    so what is it suppose to do…? i don’t get it. if you already have a phone, then what is this for?

  • davisco3

    This makes perfect sense. Pun intended. Though, I think I would get one to use with my tablet.

    • paco cornholio

      That is exactly the right call, pun also intended. Maybe tablets stay, and the big smartphones disappear.

  • Marsg

    andddddd………. were back to dumb phones.

    • Jamille Browne

      Proof that history repeats itself.

      • bmg314

        Woah. The matrix was true. O.O

        • Tommy Thompson

          So were the Cylons..

        • Brian S.

          It’s a glitch in the Matrix


    For those actually interested in something similar to this & works w/most ANDROID phones,you can get the MOTOROLA SMART CONTROLLER(see AMAZON, e-Bay, etc…). Works surprisingly well:

  • Jonbo298

    I’d rather hold a 5-6″ “phone” to my face while making calls instead of being that douchebag using a tablet to take pictures at public venues.

  • Luxferro

    If it’s cheap, it might make a good TV remote control.

  • EasyEEE

    The more I think about this, the more ridiculous it is … Just dumb … Sooooo…. When can I get mine?

  • MrSpoiler15

    Looks kind of cool.

  • indio7777

    You’re not an adult if you care about what other people think you look like with a big smartphone.

    • OptimusL

      Agreed, no fucks should be given when using a big phone to call.

  • themuffinman75

    This isn’t so bad, I can see my co-worker using this. She is like 4’10” tall and uses a galaxy note 2 and I got to tell you that every time she puts that phone to her head I laugh out loud because the note 2 literally takes up the side of her entire head.

  • DavidVarghese

    Kinda useful? I guess in certain instances, like hosting a party with your HTC device playing your music, it might be useful…
    For the right price ($10….lol), I’d get it.

  • Michael Thompson

    Yeah, but where can I get a case for it?

  • Jason Farrell

    I don’t know how I feel about this…

    On the one hand a mini bluetooth dumbphone for your oversized phablet sounds like a good idea if you’re a small person and are self-conscious about holding it up to your ear, but on the other hand, why not just use a regular bluetooth headset device that’s much smaller and easier to carry around? (Maybe it’s only meant for chicks who have tons of room in their purse?)

  • Ag ibragimov

    Seriously? Numeric keypad? Who the hell uses numeric keypad in 21st century?

  • DYNK

    No wonder they are financially going bankrupt..the loonies they pay go around making stuff like this

  • Aslan Bollin

    Nothing Original here.
    It’s pretty much the same thing ASUS was showing off for the ASUS Memo before it was stripped of it’s radios and became the Nexus 7. Good Idea for tablets with radios or for wifi calling, but a bluetooth phone for phones…. I don’t quite get the point.

  • grazz7

    Motorola should bring out a bluetooth handset version of the classic RAZR flip phone that would work with any android phone – the best of classic mobiles and new smart phones combined.

    • Jd3po

      I would buy it just to have then ask myself why?

  • ntegrit

    Yeah, like the guy in the video said… can’t argue with that!

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Nuff said

  • Samuel Serafim

    I cant see anything more beyond Sony w880 and Pureness.

  • Rinkesh621

    Because having one cellphone is too mainstream. :p

    • Manbo

      Who carries one phone now-a-days?

  • moises1204

    what a waste of time and resources.

  • scrooge

    Chinese have veeeeery small penis. American have biiiiiig penis.

  • Brian S.

    I didn’t think this was going to be something I would consider using but after having read the article… maybe.

    I miss my Nokia 3220 :'( It was my first phone!!

  • Robbie Lizhini

    I can only imagine… “to make people want our big phone we must make a blue tooth headset for them so they can use it and not feel stupid!”

    “I like where you are going at with this mister R&D, but people think that only douches wear those things. can you make it shaped like… I dunno a smaller Phone?”

    “I dunno sir doesn’t that seem kinda….”

    “CAN YOU DO IT?”