Jan 25th, 2013

The folks at HTC realize that some people aren’t comfortable with using a huge phone. With the explosion of the “phablet” market in recent months, many folks are steering well clear as they fear that holding a 5+ inch slate up to their heads will make them look more ridiculous than a bear dressed up in a cowboy outfit.

Well, in order to make the HTC J Butterfly, the international version of the DROID DNA, more attractive to those who prefer to talk on smaller devices the OEM has started offering the HTC Mini. It’s a small, NFC-equipped Bluetooth handset that is meant to accompany your smartphone. It’s built like an ordinary cordless candybar phone that you might find inside a home, but it’s actually just a glorified Bluetooth handset.

Some people might not think it makes much sense to carry yet another deice to solve the problem of the original being too cumbersome, but if you simply want something more comfortable to fit into your jeans while the phone sits inside a bag or purse then I guess this is for you. Unfortunately it looks like the device is exclusive to China for now, but hopefully it gains enough traction and attention to get HTC to offer it in all markets.

It sounds as if HTC’s willing to bundle these with the purchase of new units instead of requiring separate purchases, so if you happen to be in the market for a a J Butterfly in the near future then you might as well ask about how you can get one of these to go along with it. You might not be able to understand everything in the video above, but it’s easy enough to follow along — hit the play button and give it a quick viewing.

[via MicGadget]

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