Best Buy outs LG Spectrum 2 before Verizon does

We’ve been waiting on the LG Spectrum 2 for a while. Verizon might have the Optimus Vu dangling in front of those who like phablets but there’s still a market for this particular device. It appears we’re as close to an announcement as we’re going to get as details of the phone have been outed by an unlikely hero.

It wasn’t a shadowy tipster or some fairy godmother of smartphone information. Nope, instead it was Best Buy that put what would appear to be the first glimmer of official information we’re going to get ahead of Verizon’s official unveiling.

Best Buy’s listing confirms a number of specs, including a 4.7 inch 720p HD display, a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, Ice Cream Sandwich, an 8 megapixel HD rear camera with a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, 4G LTE and more.

The retailer even gives us an off-contract price to look forward to — just $650 if you want to walk away without a two-year commitment. Many of you will opt for the two-year deal, but pricing for such a deal would most likely be around that $200 mark if other recent Verizon devices are anything to go by.

LG’s Spectrum 2 is yet another device in a long string of them that the OEM hopes will help them reestablish some decent ground in the smartphone market. LG seemed all but ousted from the game following a line of uninspired and unreliable models in 2011, but the advent of the LG Optimus G, LG Optimus Vu, and the Spectrum 2 look to breathe life into its lineup.

As for official word from Verizon we wouldn’t be surprised to hear them announce details within the week, though perhaps it being up on Best Buy this early was just a mistake. We’ll just have to wait and see. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • DanWazz

    Not bad specs. The fact that LG has stepped: up their game, are making the next Nexus device, and I have a soft spot for my LG Dare (first touch screen phone), LG might be in the running next time I shop for a device.

    • malcmilli

      its not bad specs but they arent good either if you consider the optimus G is launching with the quad core version of this dual core processor.

      • DanWazz

        I wasn’t saying I’d buy this phone, just saying LG is starting to turn the perception of their company around.

  • Marc Selwan

    Verizon. You take beautiful phones. You take them to the bathroom. You use them as toilet paper. You sell it as some exclusive device. The Optimus G is an amazing phone as is. You not only changed the design, but you changed the skin which means you can forget about updates. I will hunt Verizon’s product management team down and I will slap them silly until they get their act together.

    • Jinwon Sung

      This phone is not even Optimus G to begin with. G has very powerful quad S4 Pro, but this one has dual S4 that One X, GS3 already had several months.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I don’t believe this phone was ever supposed to be an Optimus G variant.

  • Jayshmay

    I’m still waiting for the Stratosphere 2!!! We need more smartphone with REAL/PHYSICAL keyboards to choose from!!!

    • Matthew Merrick

      in that case Droid 4 is your best bet. much more powerful than the stratosphere, running ICS and will be getting jellybean. i would not hold my breath for a Droid 5

      if you want raw power, the pantech marauder is rockin a snapdragon S4 and removable battery, but the rest of the specs fall short of the D4

      both good potions, both (IMHO) far better than the stratosphere.

  • WungFu

    You lost me at Ice Cream

    • Quentyn Kennemer


  • Eloren9922

    Will stay with the Samsung Sunburst until I learn more about this phone.

  • BigCiX

    Ice Cream sandwich will be stick on this device for about a good year before an upgrade will be issued. Not unless LG turned it around.

  • northrode

    I have to say that, with the exception of the Note 2, I am finding Verizon’s offerings very disappointing this season. They seem to enjoy selling watered down devices. No Optimus G, no Nexus, Note 2 with their branding on the home button. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the unique note 2 features are missing. So I will pass on the Spectrum 2.