Sprint’s 4G LTE network gets a little bigger, new service available in Kansas, Illinois, and Massachusetts

With speeds just about even across the board thanks to three of the four major US carriers launching 4G LTE networks, the marketing battle now hinges on coverage. As 2012 slowly crawls its way toward the end of the calendar year, Sprint is continuing its push to expand the number of LTE markets it serves by announcing new service in Lawrence, Topeka, and Wichita, Kansas; Waukegan-Lake, Illinois; and Barnstable-Hyannis, Massachusetts.

In addition, Sprint has announced improved 3G coverage in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City thanks the carrier’s Network Vision initiative, which aims to swap out older cell sites for newer gear. Sprint LTE coverage is now live in 24 cities with 100 new locations arriving “in the coming months.”

Truly Unlimited Sprint 4G LTE Blazes into More Cities – Brings Power, Simplicity and Value

Customers in parts of Kansas, Illinois and Massachusetts to benefit from Sprint’s all-new 4G LTE network

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), September 24, 2012 – Sprint (NYSE:S) today announced availability of 4G LTE to customers in Lawrence, Kan.; Topeka, Kan.; Wichita, Kan.; Waukegan-Lake County, Ill.; and Barnstable-Hyannis/Mid-Cape, Mass. Sprint’s wireless customers in these metro areas will benefit from the speed, value and simplicity of the Sprint 4G LTE experience. Through its exceptional selection of smartphones and a Truly UnlimitedSM data plan, Sprint offers an unbeatable package for wireless users.

“In addition to the 19 cities we have already launched, we recently announced that Sprint 4G LTE will be available in more than 100 cities in the coming months,” said Bob Azzi, senior vice president-Network, Sprint. “Today’s news moves us even further toward achieving that goal. We strive to deliver a top-notch network experience combined with winning devices and unlimited nationwide data plans – all of which are designed to support the ways our customers use their mobile devices today and tomorrow.”

A strong, robust wireless network is increasingly important as wireless users want to access emails quickly, upload photos/videos to friends and family, and routinely check in with social networks – all on their smartphone. Keeping up with current wireless data usage and looking into the future, Sprint is building an all-new 3G and 4G LTE network as part of a strategy known as Network Vision. This network build-out is expected to improve all aspects of the wireless experience for customers.

Today, some customers in parts of Chicago, Los Angeles and New York are experiencing better 3G service thanks to the start of the Network Vision program in those areas. Additionally, customers in areas of Baltimore, Boston and Washington, D.C., have been enjoying enhanced 3G performance. As Network Vision continues to rollout across the country, Sprint customers will see significant improvement in their 3G network experience, including expanded coverage, improved network reliability, better voice quality, and faster 3G data speeds.

Sprint understands the value of a Truly Unlimited experience. Sprint offers a portfolio of 4G LTE-capable devices, which includes powerhouse smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S® III, Motorola PHOTON™ Q™ 4G LTE and the new iPhone™ 5. Customers can sign up for an Everything Data plan with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM, which includes unlimited Web, texting and calling to and from any mobile in America while on the Sprint Network, starting at just $79.99 per month for smartphones – a savings of $20 per month versus Verizon’s comparable plan with unlimited talk, text and 2GB Web (excludes taxes and surcharges). Customers value Truly Unlimited data, because it’s simple and straightforward – no metering, no throttling or overages, and no need to share minutes or data, all while on the Sprint network.

Additionally, the 2012 American Customer Satisfaction Index ranked Sprint No. 1 among all national carriers in customer satisfaction and most improved, across all 47 industries, during the last four years.

With today’s announcement, Sprint 4G LTE is available in 24 citiesi and is expected to be in more than 100 additional cities in coming months. Sprint introduced its all-new 4G LTE network in July 2012 and expects to have largely completed the nationwide build-out by the end of 2013. For the most up-to-date details on Sprint’s 4G LTE portfolio and rollout, visit www.sprint.com/4GLTE.


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  • a) youth.in.asia

    Maybe charge customers $30 extra per month for LTE phones to help deploy the LTE network, $30,000,000 extra a month would help move things along, not by much, but a little. I think MetroPCS still has them best in LTE towers though

    • Pnutt916

      Boo that comment! This is their own fault for not going with LTE in the first place! Hurry up Sprint, we don’t got all year!!

      • http://twitter.com/KoryJS Kory Salsbury

        IIRC, LTE wasn’t settled as a standard when they initially launched the WiMax network…but lord knows I could be wrong.

    • yankeesusa

      Can you provide the metropcs lte tower coverage that shows that? Last I checked the only other company with a decent amount of lte towers was att. tmobile has the hspa+ which i tried couple days ago and its pretty good.

    • guitarist5122

      I thought metro pcs didn’t have their own towers. Don’t they use Verizon towers?

  • JJ

    I hope that by 2014 i can use my LTE phone here in SLC. Doubt it. :(

    • Will

      another fellow SLC resident waiting… one day we will get it man.

  • munz19

    Finally, something good about living in Topeka!

    • Pnutt916


  • rustygh

    Haha unlimited but u got no LTE
    Sprint blows, and that’s why I left.
    Now I have LTE w/Verizon and its super fast.
    The same SGS3 phone has better performance as well ,not sure why.

    • Pnutt916

      Not unlimited with a higher price! Have fun with that! I’ll wait for my unlimited LTE.

      • Terrell

        Sprint will be raising price when there 4g LTE gets bigger so it won’t be cheap for long

        • Pnutt916

          Maybe, but they should grandfather us in.

      • rustygh

        Yea your right. If you can’t afford 5 to 10 bucks more a month for more data then I was using because sprint 3g sucks then you better stay
        As for me ill pay more and enjoy now. Sprints nothing but a waiting game

        • Pnutt916

          Its tough doing all this waiting, hopefully it pays off! I’ve become a pro hunting down a wifi connection lately lol.

        • Adam Tentis

          Are you kidding 5 or 10? check your facts dude

          • rustygh

            OK checked. You are right its 21 bucks a month. OK happy? Cause I am. Whee. :)

    • King Louie

      Enjoy those tiered data plans, and I hear paying more is all the rage. Meanwhile I will enjoy 4GLTE coverage where it is knowing in the long run I am getting the superior deal from a company that isn’t running hand in hand with ATT to create a duopoly.

      • rustygh

        Your getting nothing now. But yea your also correct if you can’t afford it don’t use LTE now just keep waiting. :) as for me I’d rather pay now and play now!

    • malcmilli

      Its not super fast everywhere, many of times I can pull down only 4 mbps in new York city on the work phone

  • Terrell

    Sprint said last week that when there LTE is more wide spread they are raising prices and if they do I would see little reason to stay with them. they say that they will be first with 4g LTE advance but they say a lot and don’t deliver. Verizon has a huge head start on them and will probably be first with LTE advance

    • Canon User

      I missed them saying the bit about raising prices, link please?

  • sonofLA

    That’s cool

  • sonofLA

    I thought sprint was the NOW network. I guess they dumped that monicker
    A long time ago.

    • NYCHitman1

      Networks don’t build themselves overnight.

      • sonofLA

        I know that, but come on…

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I would no problem signing up for a contract for Sprint LTE coverage if and when they cover all of south bay area ( San Jose, Campbell, Sunnyvale, Cupertino)

  • http://www.mbnolan.com/ Mark Nolan

    Saw some LTE coverage light up on my phone in downtown Boston today

  • Danny

    How is LTE on Sprint? Speed on par with Verizon/AT&T? Just wondering. We don’t have LTE yet in San Francisco.

  • Apple Empire

    oh I can’t wait for Sprint’s LTE to come to South Florida Area. Oh well… anytime soon I see myself leaving them for AT&T if they dont hurry the hell up. lol

  • Peter Gruenes

    I live in lake county illinois, no where in my town did i get even a bar of 4g lte… guess i shouldnt be surprised sprint never delievers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edgar.barrientos.18 Edgar Barrientos

    Other day on the way to the track i got 4g on my phone and it looks very promising. I was getting about 15 download and 7 up. This was by Englishtown NJ

  • Richard Braley

    Been with sprint for 9+ years. Cancelled today due to t-mobile offering truly unlimited 4G plans too. The sprint CSR asked me why I wanted to cancel service. I told her I was tired of the average 320Kbits a sec download speeds. She asked if I could hold out on cancelling because 4G is listed as coming soon. I told her the church by my house has a sign that says Jesus – Coming Soon and it’s been there for 20 years. I then asked her if jesus would come before 4g did. She didn’t find it funny (and i’m sure you guys didn’t either) but hell man on tmobile i’ve been rolling speed tests all day and i’m getting average 14828 opposed to 89-582.

    This is not a win for tmobile nor a loss for sprint. Just a pissed user who finally found greener pastures in his neck of the woods. There’s gonna always be a better service in your neck of the woods too. Just gotta be willing to jump ship (and pay up) if need be but tmobile is only costing me 6$ more a month with my discount. Not too shabby.