Is this a camera sample from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2?


With Nexus rumors already flying today, might as well throw one more out there. The above picture allegedly represents a camera sample for the Samsung i9260, otherwise speculated to be the followup to last year’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The photo and its accompanying EXIF data don’t reveal a whole lot, not even the camera’s megapixel rating. What we do learn is that the camera possesses an F/2.65 aperture and 4mm focal length, which reads on paper as marginally better than that of the Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, or potentially Galaxy Nexus Premier, could launch this holiday season alongside a selection of Nexus phones from leading manufacturers including HTC and LG. The rumors and info we have seems to indicate this will be the case, but there is still a chance the phone with model number i9260 could be something different altogether, though that seems unlikely.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. I’ll take that rumored HTC nexus

  2. me to

    1. *too.


  3. the HTC Nexus would be nice if it werent a phablet… these phones are getting a little too big.. GNex and S3 are ideal size for a phone.. any bigger is just awkard

    1. More than likely Google will force them with the no button design. So most likely the 5in HTC phone wont be much bigger than the Galaxy S3

      1. but where does that train of thought end? ok 5″ then 5.2″ then 5.4″.. somewhere you have to draw a line and just say these screen sizes are getting too big for a phone.

        1. We are dealing with technology here. There is never a border of where it stops….

          Who knows, 2 years from now there wont be a diff between a phone and tablet

          1. except when pantech released the worlds smallest phone way back when.

        2. as long as they reduce body while increasing screen size it won’t matter. using that logic they could get as high as 5.5″ before actually increasing over all dimensions. not sure what the breaking point is though. In 5 years it may not matter. we may all be on optically projected technology. mabye then apple will break the 4.5″ screen barrier. :)

    2. I’m sure an additional 0.2″ from the S3 wouln’t be a deal breaker.

  4. ‘might as well throw one more out there’

    How about being diligent in reporting and check and double-check before posting rumors? Not complaining, just offering advice.

    1. :| …

  5. +1 for the HTC Nexus over this. HTC has made some great phones. Loved my Rezound. Better Radios, and that great HTC camera.

    1. I agree

      HTC phones are amazing hardware wise, the only problem with them i have found is software (HTC Sense), but the Nexus will have stock, so should be a great device

      1. Amazing, my arse. Every HTC phone I’ve ever had ended up with a chipping or flaky finish, dust under the screen, or was poorly put together.
        I’d take another Samsung over HTC any day of the week.
        What I’d REALLY like to see is a nice Moto Nexus (with Moto completely hands-off when it comes to software, obviously).

    2. I tried the Rezound before getting the Galaxy Nexus and I prefer the Nexus. I had two major issues with the Rezound. The first was Sense (I loved Sense on the HTC Hero, but now custom skins seem unnecessary). The major reason I got rid of the phone was battery life. Why HTC chose such a lame battery for an LTE device is beyond me? I couldn’t last very long on the included battery.

      I would prefer a Motorola Nexus RAZR MAXX HD.

      1. With the S4 soc that sort of fixed the horrid LTE phone battery issue.

  6. All nexus devices sold through the Play store at a reasonable price, please. :)

  7. If this is really a Nexus and really has an SD slot, I will be very happy :)

    1. Dont think any Nexus phone has EVER had an SD slot. I wouldn’t count on it.

      1. *edit*: already answered

      2. The Nexus One did. And my understanding is that Google would consider adding one to another Nexus device if they could find a way to handle the second partition seamlessly.

        I know it is unlikely, but the earlier spec leak on this device showed a microSD slot, so I am hoping :)

        1. It’s cool guys, I included “I think” because I didnt want to fact check. And the reason I feel it’s unlikely is because the way Google talked about the SD slot when they released the new Nexus. They like the on board memory better for partitioning reasons and directory handling

          buttttt acey I agree with your statement it wouldn’t be impossible if Google decided they have a better way to do it and they deem it useful in the tech sense. One thing I love about Google, it’s not here this is what you get we do it our way and you have no input. They do what the technology they have created allows and will never deem an entire addition flawed unless proven.

          They could always bring the SD slot back. Although I don’t know why everyone always wants the SD slot. All my past phones had a slot and I never seemed to miss it on the Gnex.

          1. We want the sd slot because it’s not as if the phones come with 64 gb. Basically we want more storage.

      3. For whatever it’s worth in this context, the Nexus One had an SD slot.

      4. With an unlimited data plan having a sd card isn’t as important to me any more. so long as its has 16gbs should be fine.

  8. hmm why is the resolution 5 mp ?

    1. i agree this cant a nexus device i will be pissed. its basically the same camera

      1. Well they could have taken it with a lower res since you can change it in options, two photos where leaked this and a 3 mp one of the ceiling, really hoping its at least a 8 with better low light

  9. i hope it come with a better battery and no heating up.

  10. I’d prefer the HTC or LG over the Samsung. There’s only gonna be one though. Anyone buying this multiple nexus rumor as fact is gonna be dissapointed.

  11. Just a thought, The listed resolution is around 3mp. Could this possibly be a picture taken with the front camera?

    1. i hope so that would be a huge fail.

  12. Either LG or HTC

  13. isnt this device model number also referenced to another samsung device also…..all these android websites need to stop misinforming the public until official news comes out….and sorry to say this but that picture looks worse than a galaxy nexus camera would take its so blurry

  14. doesnt anyone notice that google is following apples steps with minor upgrades with phones as the years go by…this years rumor is just an improved camera and processor.. and supposedly the same body as the gnex

  15. Hopefully the next Nexus or Mexico if it’s multiple devices, isn’t just the minor upgrade from Samsung that was rumoured. It should beat the S3 in specs since the S3. Othderwise Google should drop Samsung as a Nexus manufacturer, since Samsung would show too little and defend their own interest too much, I expect an A15 CPU don’t care if it’s only dual core, but even Apple managed to get something close to an A15 out now. It would just be too much of a disappointment to brother getting it. Especially considering most Android users and Nexus buyers are geeks (no offense I see myself as a proud geek) who do appreciate new technology, especially compared to iSheeps.

    1. Haha autocorrect meant to spell Nexi not Mexico.

    2. nexus devices never seem to like being on the cutting edge of hardware, sadly. Google tries to makes sure that the specs on the devices are a notch lesser than the existing high end manufacturer devices. Otherwise nexus devices would start cannabalizing sales of Samsung and htcs high end devices, wouldn’t it :S

      1. Sadly that’s true with the nexus one being an exception.
        I wouldn’t even care if it’s not the fastest device but it should have new tech in it, especially since Google is using the nexus to demo the newest software, so they should be able to demo it on new generation hardware.

  16. If the size of that picture is true: 1551 x 2048, that is just 3MPx… that has to have been downsize.

  17. i prefer my verizon GS3 running cm10 it actually runs better than my gnex did so in a way i already got me a Galaxy Nexus 2 bigger screen due to hardware buttons, more ram and sdcard slot

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