Diane von Furstenberg and New York Fashion Week glimpsed through the lens of Google Glass

Earlier in the week we saw a quick preview of a little bit of clever marketing Google has been up to with Project Glass. They equipped designed Diane von Furstenberg and a few slinky models with their own headsets and then sent them off into the world to capture the New York Fashion Week experience. The result has now hit the web, for all to view. While the content of the video probably won’t interest too many of our readers, it’s worth noting that the video doesn’t look half bad for being captured on a head mounted piece of hardware. And hey, it’s probably the closest we will ever come to strutting it down a high-fashion catwalk for ourselves

[via Engadget]

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  • ari_free

    All Girls All Over The World
    Original King Julian Pon Ya Case Man!
    I Love How All The Girls A Move Their Body
    And When Ya Move Ya Body
    Uno Move It
    Nice And Sweet And Sassy Alright!
    Woman Ya Cute And You Don’t Need No Make-Up
    Original Cute Body You A Mek Man Mud Up
    Woman Ya Cute And You Don’t Need No Make-Up
    Original Cute Body You A Mek Man Mud Up
    Woman! Physically Fit
    Physically Fit
    Physically Fit

  • scoter man1

    I still dont get it… is Google Glass just a camera mounted on glasses like frames? I feel like if it was something more google would be advertising it everywhere.

    • Marsg

      no its an actual screen like a prism that projects a picture on the lens, on the side it has a camera lens, so far you can take picture send texts upload stuff to social networks, view your gallery , pretty much simple stuff, I think the only reason we only see photos and videos taken with it is because its probably the most useful feature so far and that its still in beta.

    • Sproid

      When the G-Glasses are filming… well, they are filming. That’s why you don’t see the others features.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    I watched the video… and all I noticed was:
    1) an iPhone on the table.
    2) somebody using an iPad
    3) long hair getting in front of the lens
    4) twiggy models with no boobs