Spotify is Trying out Video-Based Learning Courses for UK Subscribers


Following recent updates that now give users access to music videos and an audiobook-only subscription tier, Spotify recently announced that it’s in the process of testing video-based courses for users in the UK. The platform says that it’s partnered with several companies including BBC Maestro, PLAYvirtuoso, Skillshare, and Thinkific to bring instructional video content directly to Spotify users.

With that being said, Spotify subscribers in the UK users will be able to access video courses for purchase alongside music, podcasts, and audiobooks. The video courses cover several categories, further grouped into four main themes including “make music,” “get creative,” “learn business,” and “healthy living.” Spotify adds that both free and premium users will be able to tune into two lessons per course for free as an initial trial.

While it might seem like a rather interesting direction for Spotify to take, the company says that it wants to give resources to users who want to learn more – Babar Zafar, VP Product Development at Spotify comments:

“Testing video courses in the U.K. allows us to explore an exciting opportunity to better serve the needs of our users who have an active interest in learning… Many of our users engage with podcasts and audiobooks on a daily basis for their learning needs, and we believe this highly engaged community will be interested in accessing and purchasing quality content from video course creators.”

Source: Spotify

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