T-Mobile’s HTC One X+ delayed, could launch with bigger battery [RUMORS]


Some new rumors are surfacing regarding the HTC One X+. While most reports point to the device being identical in nearly every aspect (save for a faster processor) to the original, there are some whispers of the phone sporting a slightly thicker frame in order to make room for a larger battery. Regardless, HTCSource is reporting that T-Mobile’s version of the handset has been delayed, and no definitive launch date is known at this time.

A larger battery makes sense, and it would certainly help the One X+ compete against phones like the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD, but it isn’t a given. What seems more certain is that the phone will launch with Jelly Bean and Sense 4.5, a new version of HTC’s custom interface that won’t include many major changes. An updated gallery app is expected. HTC has a press event coming up next week, so it’s possible we will get some fresh info on the handset. Phandroid will be there covering it love, so keep it tuned here.

[via HTCSource]

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  1. covering it love. lols. i might be tempted to launch sensation for this.. still debating…

  2. Oh that would be SOOO damned nice. T-Mo U.S. getting a One X+ w/ a slightly larger battery. Please please please please… keeping fingers crossed. That would be fantastic. One X+, Optimus G and GNote II. Killer lineup of phones if that happens.

  3. Thinking out dropping my GN. Still need to see the next Nexus. I so want this phone.

  4. Thanks, love

  5. I’m holding off until the HTC event next Wednesday. If they don’t have some kind of news about a One X for T-Mobile, I’ll have to just bite the bullet and buy a GS3.

    1. I’m a wait for the G Note 2 T-mo’s is supposedly gonna have exynoooos!

      1. I’m on the fence about the GN2. I love the specs but I don’t know that I need a 5.5″ screen. For me, that’s too small for tablet-type activities (like reading magazines or connecting to virtual desktop sessions) and it’s too large to be truly convenient. I think my needs would be better met with a phone like the GS3 or One X. When I need tablet functions, the Nexus 7 fits the bill.

  6. I wonder if that’s because of the hype of RAZR HD MAXX and they wanted something more competitive in terms of battery (about time), or just because it actually *needs* that larger battery to have decent battery life. I’d be happy if it was the first case. Not so happy if the second.

    1. Root and unload. Theres no reason why T-mobile would really needs a bigger battery because they are a HSPA+ network hence that battery life should be better than its LTE variants from the get go.

  7. I wonder if I can rent this one to try out when it is available. The Beats audio tempts me. Gizmotakeout or renta cell, dont disappoint me

  8. Gimmie a 4000mah battery. I’ll be in heaven.

  9. Give us a larger battery, 2 GB of ram, and the next iteration of Tegra :3

    1. All sounds good except forget about tegra

  10. I’d get it if it will come with a bigger battery, expandable storage in addition to the faster CPU.

  11. Just give it a bigger battery, Sense 4.1, and 2GB of RAM. That would be an great reason to add a plus to the name. Otherwise, seems it wouldn’t be that big and upgrade…

    1. Beside the fact that it runs on a HSPA+ network? I believe the plus refers to the Network more so than other things

  12. I wanted the X+ for Christmas. Hope it isn’t pushed too far bag

  13. i am waiting for new apps..

  14. Hey Ryan does this work on Solavei since its on T-Mobile network?

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