You can Now Remix your Favourite Music Videos on YouTube Shorts


We suppose it was only a matter of time, especially with the massive popularity of short-form content – YouTube recently announced that it was introducing a new remix feature for creators, which can be used for YouTube Shorts videos.

Using this feature, creators can simply head on over to their desired video on YouTube, tap the “Remix” option, and then choose from four options to remix, which include “Sound,” “Green Screen,” “Cut” and “Collab.”

The Sound feature lets users take the sound from a video and use it in their Short, while the Collab option allows users to create a Short right alongside the video, allowing for side-by-side choreography with their favourite artists. Meanwhile, Green Screen lets users set up the video as a background for their short, and Cut allows creators to take a five-second clip and add it to their shorts.

With the new features, YouTube is clearly working on its efforts to double-down on rivals such as Facebook and its “Reels” feature, as well as TikTok, both of which promote music-based videos as one of the main content highlights on their respective platforms.

Source: YouTube

Mike Viray
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